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Recycling and Resource Management

For more information about the Recycling and Resource Management program please contact the Center for Environmental and Urban Studies at 310-434-3909 or ceus@smc.edu. The Center is located at 1744 Pearl St., Santa Monica CA 90405.

RRM 1, Introduction to Recycling Resource Management    3 units

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course introduces general terminology and principles regarding waste, recycling, resource management and Zero Waste. The history of waste and resource management in California, including residential, commercial and institutional reuse, recycling, and composting programs, is addressed. An overview of national, state, and local legislation and regulations related to waste and resource management and recycling is provided. The course covers waste diversion practices such as reduce, reuse, recycle, and also introduces principles in recovery, remanufacturing and repurchasing.

4429   6:30p-9:35p T   HSS 154   Charles V H

RRM 2, Culture and Zero Waste    3 units

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course will provide an overview of our ‘throw-away’ culture and the motivations behind consumerism and related waste disposal practices. Key issues of the course include carbon footprint, plastics in our environment, consumer laws and cultural mindsets. The course will identify key government agencies and policies and how to collaborate and obtain funding for outreach. Environmental educational skills, programs, and methods will be reviewed. Case studies of successful youth campaigns will be explored and the basics of establishing strong educational programs examined.

4430   6:30p-9:35p Th   HSS 154   Sommer S L

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