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Independent Studies

Independent study is intended for advanced students interested in doing independent research on special study topics. To be eligible, a student must demonstrate to the department chairperson the competence to do independent study. To apply for Independent Studies, the student is required, in a petition that may be obtained from the department chair, to state objectives to be achieved, activities and procedures to accomplish the study project, and the means by which the supervising instructor may assess accomplishment. Please see department listing for details. A maximum of six units of independent studies is allowed. Granting of UC transfer credit for an Independent Studies course is contingent upon an evaluation of the course outline by a UC campus.

ACCTG 88A, Independent Studies in Accounting    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

1047   Arrange-1 Hour    BUS 220D   Tucker J L

ACCTG 88B, Independent Studies in Accounting    2 units

Transfer: CSU

1048   Arrange-2 Hours    BUS 220D   Tucker J L

BIOL 88A, Independent Studies in Biological Sciences    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

1225   Arrange-1 Hour    SCI 285   Baghdasarian G

BIOL 88B, Independent Studies in Biological Sciences    2 units

Transfer: CSU

1226   Arrange-2 Hours    SCI 285   Baghdasarian G

BUS 88A, Independent Studies in Business    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

1293   Arrange-1 Hour    BUS 220D   Tucker J L

BUS 88B, Independent Studies in Business    2 units

Transfer: CSU

1294   Arrange-2 Hours    BUS 220D   Tucker J L

CIS 88A, Independent Studies in CIS    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

1393   Arrange-1 Hour    BUS 220G   Bolandhemat F

COMM 88B, Independent Studies in Communication    2 units

Transfer: CSU

1440   Arrange-2 Hours    LS 131E   Grass Hemmert N L

COSM 88A, Independent Studies in Cosmetology    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

1522   Arrange-2 Hours    BUS 143   Rogers Jr J

Above section 1522 meets for 8 weeks, Feb 11 to Apr 05.

1523   Arrange-2 Hours    BUS 143   Rogers Jr J

Above section 1523 meets for 8 weeks, Apr 15 to Jun 07.

CS 88A, Independent Studies in Computer Science    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

1622   Arrange-1 Hour    BUS 220G   Bolandhemat F

CS 88B, Independent Studies in Computer Science    2 units

Transfer: CSU

1623   Arrange-2 Hours    BUS 220G   Bolandhemat F

CS 88C, Independent Studies in Computer Science    3 units

Transfer: CSU

1624   Arrange-3 Hours    BUS 220G   Bolandhemat F

DANCE 88A, Independent Studies in Dance    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

1665   Arrange-1 Hour    GYM 222   Douglas Judith G

1666   Arrange-1 Hour    GYM 221   Lee J Y

DANCE 88B, Independent Studies in Dance    2 units

1667   Arrange-2 Hours    GYM 222   Douglas Judith G

1668   Arrange-2 Hours    GYM 221   Lee J Y

ECE 88A, Independent Studies in Early Childhood Education    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

4138   5:00p-9:30p MTWTh   BUNDY 329   Parise W A

Above section 4138 meets at the Bundy Campus, 3171 South Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

ECE 88B, Independent Studies in Early Childhood Education    2 units

Transfer: CSU

1697   Arrange-2 Hours    BUNDY 317C   Parise W A

Above section 1697 meets at the Bundy Campus, 3171 South Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

ECON 88A, Independent Studies in Economics    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

1725   Arrange-1 Hour    HSS 354   Schultz C K

ECON 88B, Independent Studies in Economics    2 units

Transfer: CSU

1726   Arrange-2 Hours    HSS 354   Schultz C K

ERTHSC 88A, Independent Studies in Earth Science    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2019   Arrange-1 Hour    DRSCHR 314M   Drake V G

FASHN 88A, Independent Studies in Fashion    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2143   Arrange-1 Hour        Lowcock F E

HIST 88A, Independent Studies in History    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2303   Arrange-1 Hour    HSS 305   Borghei S C

HIST 88B, Independent Studies in History    2 units

Transfer: CSU

2304   Arrange-2 Hours    HSS 305   Borghei S C

KIN PE 88A, Independent Studies in Physical Education    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2419   Arrange-1 Hour    GYM 218   Roque E M

MATH 88A, Independent Studies in Mathematics    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2570   Arrange-1 Hour    MC 26   Emerson A J

MUSIC 88A, Independent Studies in Music    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2687   Arrange-1 Hour        Martin J M

MUSIC 88B, Independent Studies in Music    2 units

Transfer: CSU

2688   Arrange-2 Hours        Martin J M

PHILOS 88A, Independent Studies in Philosophy    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2811   Arrange-1 Hour    HSS 354   Schultz C K

PHILOS 88B, Independent Studies in Philosophy    2 units

Transfer: CSU

2812   Arrange-2 Hours    HSS 354   Schultz C K

PHOTO 88A, Independent Studies in Photography    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2842   Arrange-1 Hour    BUS 120   Lowcock F E

PHOTO 88B, Independent Studies in Photography    2 units

Transfer: CSU

2843   Arrange-2 Hours        Lowcock F E

POL SC 88A, Independent Studies in Political Science    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2908   Arrange-1 Hour    HSS 354   Schultz C K

POL SC 88B, Independent Studies in Political Science    2 units

Transfer: CSU

2909   Arrange-2 Hours    HSS 354   Schultz C K

PSYCH 88A, Independent Studies in Psychology    1 unit

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: Psychology 1 and one other Psychology course.

2974   Arrange-1 Hour    HSS 367   Farwell L A

SOCIOL 88A, Independent Studies in Sociology    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

2999   Arrange-1 Hour    HSS 354   Schultz C K

SOCIOL 88B, Independent Studies in Sociology    2 units

Transfer: CSU

3000   Arrange-2 Hours    HSS 354   Schultz C K

WOM ST 88A, Independent Studies in Women’s Studies    1 unit

Transfer: CSU

3060   Arrange-1 Hour    HSS 354   Schultz C K

WOM ST 88B, Independent Studies in Women’s Studies    2 units

Transfer: CSU

3061   Arrange-2 Hours    HSS 354   Schultz C K

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