News from the SMC Associate Dean of Emeritus College

July 2013

Dear Emeritus Community,

We continue to move forward at Emeritus College towards a new academic year. As you may have heard, Senate Bill 173 which proposes to defund older adult noncredit education has passed through the Senate and moves onto the Assembly. It will initially go to several committees, most likely the Assembly Budget Committee as well as the Assembly Committee on Higher Education. State Assembly Member Richard Bloom (District 50) is a member of the State Assembly Higher Education Committee and is aware of the negative impact SB-173 would have on older adult programs such as Emeritus. We will keep you informed of the bill as it moves through the state legislature. Please watch for notices on the bulletin boards and on the Emeritus website,

Older adult noncredit programs are increasingly expected to meet the rigor and substance of an academic program; there are more expectations to demonstrate that student learning is documented and evaluated. You may have recently completed student learning outcomes at the end of your last semester. It is important to demonstrate to the state that students continue to learn and build on their knowledge each semester. In our classes, students are expected to develop a personal learning plan. This is already occurring in the health classes and we will do so in all of our classes. Your teacher may be asked to submit copies of the student learning plans, so please help them by being diligent in this effort.

We are looking at ways to offer more classes despite receiving less money from the state. Be on the lookout for programs that the Emeritus College Executive Council (ECEC) is planning and will be piloting as we address the budget reductions the state has made.

We have witnessed much change on the education landscape during this year, and we continue to be challenged by funding reductions at the state level. However we remain confident in our support from our Board of Trustees and Superintendent/President Dr. Chui Tsang. The commitment remains firm, “As long as there is a Santa Monica College, there will be an Emeritus College program…” Let us join together to build and strengthen Emeritus College in the 2013-2014 academic year.

Best regards,

Ron Furuyama
SMC Associate Dean, Emeritus College