Emeritus College Spring Fund Drive
May 21-25, 2012

Dear Friend of Emeritus College,

Last year, students and friends of Emeritus charitably contributed to the Emeritus College fundraising program. Because of all of you, we raised $125,000. Due to your big-hearted giving, we were able to better serve the interests of the Emeritus students, and also support the teachers by providing them with their equipment and supplies needs.

In collaboration with recommendations by the Executive Council we have through your generous support, funded the following projects and teacher requests.

   •   Painting of stair rails and trim
   •   Replacement lap top computers and projectors for smart carts
   •   Portable sound system for art instructor
   •   New chairs for first floor waiting area, computer classrooms, and instructional lab
   •   Folding chairs for health rooms, 304, 307 and 308
   •   Demonstration board
   •   Guest speakers
   •   Utility cart for home arts instructor and supplies for art room
   •   Gallery Consultant
   •   Yoga blankets
   •   Receptions for gallery openings and other events
   •   Curriculum Consultant for curriculum review
   •   Printing of Emeritus Chronicles and E33
   •   Health anatomy charts
   •   Volunteer appreciation and training
   •   Replacement shades for art room and registration floor
   •   Development consultant
   •   Gallery art installer

New requests from faculty are being considered, and as you know from recent news of state cutbacks, we cannot rely solely on state funding to maintain the level of excellence that we have come to expect at SMC Emeritus College. We hope you will continue your generous giving as we raise funds to support our teachers. We also plan to build our endowment so that we are prepared to weather further funding reductions by the state that appear likely in the future.

Please help support the SMC Emeritus College by giving generously during our fundraising campaign. The Emeritus College Spring Fund Drive will be May 21-25, 2012. We are asking that if you are able, please consider doubling your donation from last year. In doing so, we will be able to grow our funds and help build our reserve. Show your support for Emeritus College by giving generously during our spring fund drive. If you have questions, please contact me at 310-434-3878. Thank you.

Walter Coronel
Chairperson, Friends of Emeritus

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen,
and others make it happen.”

Emeritus College is moving forward. As we celebrate our 37th year, there is much for which to be thankful. Santa Monica College (SMC) fully supports lifelong learning and supports Emeritus College.

Students have asked what can be done to ensure the future of Emeritus College. I would encourage each of you to be involved in all aspects of Emeritus. While the classes are enjoyed by all of the students, there are many ways that Emeritus students can be involved in the additional activities of Emeritus.

The Emeritus College Executive Council (ECEC) provides a vital role in advising the direction of the College and also the other student services that Emeritus provides. Every spring, seats on the ECEC open up as current member terms expire. Consider running for a seat on the Executive Council.

Emeritus provides opportunities to enjoy other events as well. The Emeritus College Concert Band, The Merits, Gospel Chorus, Lyric Chorus and Actors Troupe all have performances during the year, to which students are invited. The Emeritus College Art Gallery has a regular schedule of gallery shows, featuring student, faculty and community artists. The autobiography classes publish the Chronicles and E33. The Kot Concert Series presents new and emerging musical artists. Guest speakers and lectures are presented throughout the year. Your attendance at the events and your support for these publications helps to demonstrate that students want a well rounded program and are interested in all aspects of Emeritus College life. Every time you attend a concert or gallery opening, you help to show that Emeritus students are interested in a full program. If you have not attended an event recently, please consider visiting one of the above mentioned events and show your support to Emeritus College. When you purchase one of the volumes published by the autobiography class you also demonstrate your interest and support of your fellow students.

We also have opportunities for volunteering. Recently, we have had to cut back on hours that our computer lab is open, due to a lack of volunteers. If you would be willing to commit a few hours each week to helping staff the lab, or if you would like volunteering in some other way, we could use your help.

Please be the person that will “make it happen!” Your support and involvement in all aspects of Emeritus is significant at this time and will demonstrate the importance of all the classes and programs of Emeritus.

Best regards,

Ron Furuyama
SMC Associate Dean
Emeritus College
A Program for the Older Adult Community