Literature and Writing

BILING E01 Literature in Spanish

Explore a variety of literature written in Spanish. Excellent for native speakers or language students.

9516 9a–10:50a   Fri   VIRGINIA PARK   Hernán Quiñones

Taught in Spanish. Fiction, poetry and plays by Spanish and Latin American writers are discussed: Cervantes, Martí, Darío, Machado, Mistral, Vallejo, García Lorca, Borges, Neruda, Onetti, Cortázar, and many others. Meets in THELMA TERRY Building, Workshop 3.

BILING E02 French Literature

Explore a variety of literature written in French. Excellent for native speakers or foreign language students.

9595 2:00p–3:50p   Tue   1227 #409   Dominique Isner

French literature for students Conducted in French, fluency recommended.

BILING E03 Yiddish Literature

Explore a variety of literature written in Yiddish. Excellent for native speakers or language students.

9517 1:30p–3:20p   Wed   1227 #409   Archie Barkan

Some Yiddish speaking and reading skills are needed to fully enjoy this class. Share life experiences; read aloud newspapers, classic stories, and modern literature to learn about thousands of years of Yiddish culture.

ENGL E23 Shakespeare

Selected plays by William Shakespeare will be studied and discussed.

9579 9a–10:50a   Mon   1227 #107   John Achorn

9580 11a–12:50p   Mon   1227 #107   John Achorn

We will be exploring Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” this term.

9581 12p–1:50p Tue    MALIBU SENIOR CTR   Peter Sawaya

There are poets and there are playwrights, and then there is Shakespeare, the undisputed master of poetry and playwriting. A good time is guaranteed.

ENGL E27 Poetry

Rediscover the world of poetry.

9520 10a–11:50a   Wed   MALIBU SENIOR CTR   Carol Davis

Contemporary American Literature: Cross Genre. Fiction writers who write poetry and poets who write fiction. Read and discuss short stories and poetry. You are encouraged to bring your own work to read.

ENGL E30 Creative Writing

Create a variety of written works for class critiques and discussion.

9522 9a–11:15a   Mon   1227 #409   Joe Kronsberg

Experiment with writing projects to explore style, content and effect from the basics to more sophisticated techniques.

ENGL E30 Creative Writing

9523 9:00a–11:15a   Tue   MALIBU METHODIST   Ellen Reich

Come learn the art of skillful writing. All levels are welcome.

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