Human Development and Relations

HUMDEV E15 Senior Studies – THEATER – History of Comedy

Study theatrical periods, methods and style and their impact on the community they entertain.

9586 9a–10:50a   Wed   1227 #409   John Achorn

We wil continue our exploration into Radio Comedy with Part Two of the series.

HUMDEV E21 Life Experience

Come review your life and experiences.

9540 11a–12:50p   Wed   1227 #409   Archie Barkan

Yiddish and Jewish life: Customs, culture, roots, and current events will bring a 1,000–year–old culture and lifestyle into the present context.

HUMDEV E25 Dealing with Hearing Impairment

Focus on the enhancement of communications skills and learning to live with hearing impairment. Course includes study of speech, lip reading, body language and auditory clues.

9584 12:30p–2:20p   Tue   1227 #407   Lois Frand

This course is for improving the communications skills of the hearing–impaired through lip reading and oral techniques.

HUMDEV E27 Enhancing Memory Skills

Special topics of interest to Emeritus students are explored and discussed.

9585 10a–11:50a   Tue   1227 #407   Lois Frand

Learn activities that keep the brain alive and active through mental aerobics; right– and left–brain tasks.

HUMDEV E28 Aphasic Speech

Increase your ability to interact with others by practicing with a computer. Designed for people with brain injuries such as stroke.

9542 1:30p–3:20p   Wed   1227 #208   Louise Feinberg

Specialized computer software is introduced to those with speech impairment due to aphasia. Contact the SMC Disabled Student Center for information, (310) 434–4442.

HUMDEV E50 Pathfinders

Pathfinders’ Speech group: Professional support beyond hospital or private therapy. Cope with the effects of stroke or brain injury on your speech. Attend one time period per session. Partners may participate in the 10:30 session.

9543 10:30a–11:45a   Wed   1227 #410   Louise Feinberg

9544 10:30a–11:45a   Wed   1227 #408   Rosalyn Krissman

PSYCH E03 Grandparenting

Relearn and improve your parenting skills for your grandchildren.

9559 5p–6:50p   Wed   VIRGINIA PARK   Dalia Quiñones

Grandparents and parents are taught skills that can be used to help keep students in school. Taught in Spanish. Meets in the Park Center, Conference Room.

PSYCH E33 Living As a Single Person

Learn about successful choices as a single person.

9590 10a–11:50a   Mon   1227 #407   Phyllis Press

Learn strategies for successful single living. Discuss concrete and abstract issues of divorce, loneliness, and coping with changes in life style. Memorializing Zelda Herman.

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