Health and Conditioning

No street shoes are allowed in room 1227 #308. Please choose another classroom should you require shoes to exercise.

The following courses focus on the health and safety benefits of remaining active. Students are encouraged to select and develop a personal program. Choose an appropriate level in consultation with your physician.

HEALTH E21 Yoga Health & Safety, Principles & Practices for Older Adults

Yoga for Seniors. A chair based practice for the older Adult

9568 10:00a-11:50a   Tue,Thu   Ken Edwards Ctr #104   Kathy Cass

Using all the tools of Yoga to set goals, and improve your health and safety. Bring a pencil and notebook and develop a personal plan. No mat required for this section

9567 10a–11:50a   Tue, Thu   1227 #308   Marsha Cooper

Bring a mat, pencil and notebook. Learn how yoga can improve your core and improve balance and safety.

9569 11a–12:50p   Mon, Wed   1227 #308   Jasmine Lieb

9571 2p–3:50p   Tue, Thu   1227 #308   Gitta Walton

HEALTH E23 T’ai Chi Principles & Practices for Older Adults

9574 12p–1:15p   Wed, Fri    1227 #304   Nancy Vogel

Instruction and practice for intermediate and advanced students. Develop goals and a personal health plan.

HEALTH E24 Physical Fitness Principles & Practices for Older Adults

Learn how to safely build your aerobic capacity Low–impact some strength training, and stretch develop your personal plan to to improve cardiovascular performance and flexibility.

9578 8:30a–9:45a   Tue, Thu   VIRGINIA PARK   Don Moy

Develop your own personal plan to achieve your health goals. The class uses international music. stretching, hand weights, matwork to improve aerobic activity to demonstrate ways to be safe and healthy . Meets in VIRGINIA PARK CENTER, Fitness Room #1.

9564 9a–10:15a   Tue, Thu SR REC CENTER   Linda Wapner–Baart

All levels.

9577 9:30a–10:45a   Tue, Thu   1227 #304   Rebecca Yewell

For Intermediate and Advanced students who have participated in this class. Please contact the instructor prior to enrolling;

HEALTH E25 Strength & Stamina Training Principles & Practices for Older Adults

9565 12p–1:15p Tue Thu   CLOVER PARK   Linda Wapner–Baart

Walk your cares away and feel great. Class meets near the tennis courts. Please contact the instructor via email prior to the start of class for details;

9576 8a–9:15a   Tue, Thu   1227 #304   Rebecca Yewell

Develop your own personal goals. Upper body on Tuesdays and lower body on Thursdays. Train in a safe and supportive program. Strength Training: Learn to use 1– to 5–lb weights and other resistance techniques to strengthen muscles and offset the loss of calcium in the bones in later years. Students should attend BOTH days. Please contact the instructor prior to enrolling;

HEALTH E30 Personal Safety – Fall Prevention

Preventing falls: The class content varies according to the section focus.

9594 11a–12:50p   Mon   1227 #307   Jenifer Weinstein

Falls are the most frequent cause of serious injury to older adults. Learn how, when and where falls occur and how to avoid falling at home, around town or on your travels. Improve your balance and learn to recover it. Lectures are followed by light exercise.

HEALTH E34 Enjoy Life – Stress Reduction for Seniors

Enjoy life. See section description for class focus. Lecture-based classes with some physical activity.

9531 12p–1:50p   Tue   1227 #408   Gloria Albert

Learn how to enjoy your life more fully and reduce stress, using such techniques as positive thinking, breathing, meditation, humor, diet, exercise. A must for those wanting to make positive changes in their lives.

9530 12p–1:50p   Fri   1227 #407   Gloria Albert

Life Force Energy. Improve your physical and mental well-being through the mind-body-brain connection. Gain more understanding of Eastern and Western Health philosophies and techniques to think more clearly, increase enrgy, improve balance and be more tranquil in your life.

HEALTH E34 Stress Reduction through Yoga

A variety of poses and breathing exercises to enhance balance, breathing, and strength.

9591 8a–9:50a   Sat   VIRGINIA PARK   Charlotte Holtzermann

Develop goals and a personal health plan. Beginning Hatha Yoga: Bring a yoga mat, blanket and block, pencil and a notebook. Meets at VIRGINIA PARK CENTER, Fitness Room #1.

HEALTH E38 Joint Health & Mobility for Older Adults

9533 10:30a–11:45a   Tue, Thu   WISE-Ken Edwards   Don Moy

Specially designed for participants at the WISE ADULT DAY PROGRAM. Teacher Approval Required before enrolling.

For those with joint problems; improve strength, balance and flexibility with weights, stretches or repetitive movements. Students should attend both days.

9566 10:30a–11:45a   Tue, Thu   VIRGINIA PARK   Linda Wapner–Baart

Meets at VIRGINIA PARK CENTER, Fitness Room 1. Develop goals and a personal health plan.

9535 2p-3:15p   Tue, Thu   1227 #304   Olivia Regalado

Chair exercises. Special instructions and levels are given for individual needs.

HEALTH E63 Body Conditioning for the Disabled

Pathfinders Learn to cope with the effects of strokes. Develop your own personal plan. Restore energy, flexibility and range of motion through exercise.

Arrange Time   Tue, Thu, Fri   1227 #307   Jenny Martinez, Jeanne Adams, Jiane Li

New students must call (310) 434–4442 for approval to register. Limited class size. Meets 1.5 hours: Tue 10:30a, Tue 12p and Tue 1:30p; Thu 11am, Thu 12:30p and Thu 2p; Fri 12:30p, Fri 2pm. Develop a personal plan and learn to safely exercise sitting, standing and/or lying on a mat. Stretching, strengthening, and helping posture and balance.

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