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Women’s Studies

WOM ST 10, Introduction to Women’s Studies    3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • IGETC AREA 4 (Social & Behavioral Sciences) • Prerequisite: None.

Introduction to the study of women and men in society, covering comparative issues of social, political, and economic position in the workplace, family, cultural institutions; historical basis of women’s subordination; the female experience; the male experience; relations between women and men; intersections of ethnicity/race, class and gender; violence against women; cultural images of women and men; social roles of women and men and movements for social change.

1592   8:00a-10:05a MTWTh   HSS 150   Manoff R J

Above section 1592 is part of the Scholars Program and enrollment is limited to program participants. See www.smc.edu/scholars for additional information.

1593   8:00a-10:05a MTWTh   HSS 153   Klein M C

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