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Varsity Intercollegiate Sports – Men

Athletic courses provide an opportunity for inter-conference, invitational, sectional or state involvement at a high level of mental and physical competition. Athletic excellence is stressed throughout. One repeat of each varsity sport is allowed. Maximum credit for UC transfer for any or all of these courses combined is four units.

VAR PE 20V, Advanced Football for Men    1 unit

Transfer: UC, CSU

This course is designed with an emphasis on a high level of competition among students with previous experience in competitive football. The course stresses the development of advanced skills and strategies for competitive collegiate football.

4063   5:05p-7:10p MTWTh   FIELD   Lindheim G M

Above section 4063 is recommended for pre-season varsity football players.

4064   5:05p-7:10p MTWTh   FIELD   Garcia S M

Above section 4064 is recommended for pre-season varsity football players.

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