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English Skills – Group C

Courses below open to English Placement Group C students. Make appointment for placement when applying in Admissions. Course credit for Group C courses may not be applied towards the A.A. Degree.

ENGL 84R, Reading and Vocabulary III    3 units

   •   Prerequisite: English 83B. • Corequisite: English 84W.

English 84R is for students who have earned credit for English 83A but who need further development in reading comprehension, rate and vocabulary. English 84R serves as a bridge to English 23. The course focuses on (1) analytical skills (how to find the main idea and patterns of organization); (2) inferential skills; (3) critical reading (telling fact from opinion, evaluating writer’s message and purpose); (4) textbook reading (reading graphic aids, underlining, outlining, mapping, and summarizing).

1283   8:00a-10:05a MTWTh   MC 4   Wright N E

   Arrange-6 Hours    DRSCHR 312   

1284   10:15a-12:20p MTWTh   MC 4   Hartman M

   Arrange-6 Hours    DRSCHR 312   

ENGL 84W, The Basic College Essay    3 units

   •   Prerequisite: Credit in English 81B.

English 84W focuses upon the basic college essay and the prewriting techniques useful in its creation. Varieties of essays are studied as well as those sentence skills that aim to locate and correct major sentence errors. This class features a scheduled group lab of one hour per week.

1285   8:00a-10:05a MTWTh   HSS 203   Kagaya C

   10:15a-11:05a MTW   DRSCHR 308   

1286   10:15a-12:20p MTWTh   HSS 203   Hioureas E C

   9:15a-10:05a MTW   DRSCHR 308   

ENGL 85, Reading and Writing 1    5 units

   •   Prerequisite: None.

This course is designed to improve basic reading and writing skills necessary for college success. Students will develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, patterns of organization, and inferential techniques, and employ these skills in the prewriting and writing process. The integration of reading and writing enables students to apply what they have read to the writing process, starting with the paragraph and expanding to the basic essay. The course requires classroom work, lab work and homework. English 85 is offered as a credit/ no credit class.

1287   8:00a-10:50a MTWThF   LA 115   James K R

   11:15a-12:25p MTWThF   DRSCHR 308   

   Arrange-2 Hours    DRSCHR 308   

1288   8:30a-11:20a MTWThF   LA 200   Davison IV G S

   11:35a-12:45p MTWThF   DRSCHR 312   

   Arrange-2 Hours    DRSCHR 312   

IMPORTANT! Many SMC classes require the use of a computer with Internet access to reach class resources and/or to complete assignments. To locate a computer lab on campus go to www.smc.edu/acadcomp and click on the "Labs" link.

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