Black Collegians Program

The Santa Monica College Black Collegians is an academic-transfer program that promotes academic excellence and guides students through the transfer process. Students are assisted in examining their options for transfer and in completing an educational plan which will lead to transferring to the institution of their choice.

Since 1990, nearly four hundred SMC Black Collegians have transferred to four-year colleges and universities. They are currently attending or have graduated from institutions such as Spelman College, Howard University, CSU Long Beach, USC, Stanford, UCLA, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Some of the special benefits that students receive from the Black Collegians Program include: a personal counselor who will support and guide students throughout their stay at SMC; a special “College Success” course that will help students strengthen skills to enhance academic success; innovative academic and personal growth forums; a mentor who will advise and direct; access to a network of supportive peers, teachers and staff members; scholastic recognition and monetary awards.

Students who feel they can benefit from the opportunities offered by the Black Collegians Program are encouraged to apply in the Transfer/Counseling or the African American Collegian Centers. For additional information, contact Counselor Sherri Bradford, (310) 434-3635.

CHEM 10, Introductory General Chemistry • 5 units; UC, CSU

1330   1:15p-3:30p MW   SCI 157   Walker Waugh M V

   4:00p-6:15p M   SCI 332   Walker Waugh M V

ENGL 1, Reading and Composition 1 • 3 units; UC, CSU

1786   11:15a-12:35p MW   LA 217   Blackwell N

ENGL 2, Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition • 3 units; UC, CSU

1869   11:30a-2:35p F   HSS 207   Doucet W J

ENGL 21B, English Fundamentals 2 • 3 units

1980   12:45p-2:05p MW   DRSCHR 212   Doucet W J

MATH 18, Intermediate Algebra for Statistics and Finite Mathematics • 3 units

2498   8:00a-9:20a TTh   MC 82   Quevedo J M

MATH 20, Intermediate Algebra • 5 units

2509   9:30a-10:35a MTWTh   MC 70   Green T R

MATH 31, Elementary Algebra • 5 units

2545   8:15a-9:20a MTWTh   LS 203   Jimenez B S

   Arrange-1 Hour        

MATH 81, Basic Arithmetic • 3 units

4347   5:15p-6:35p TTh   MC 74   Martinez M G

   Arrange-1 Hour        

MATH 84, Pre-Algebra • 3 units

2606   9:30a-10:50a MW   LS 152   Quevedo J M

   Arrange-1 Hour        

PSYCH 1, General Psychology • 3 units; UC, CSU

2943   8:00a-9:20a TTh   HSS 253   Gunn K S

SOCIOL 1, Introduction to Sociology • 3 units; UC, CSU

3009   9:30a-10:50a MW   HSS 156   Preciado C

SPEECH 1, Elements of Public Speaking • 3 units; UC, CSU

3071   11:15a-12:35p MW   LS 106   Dawson F R

3076   12:45p-2:05p MW   LS 110   Mc Kaig M S

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Santa Monica College provides access to its services, classes, and programs without regard to race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, handicap, or gender. All students are eligible to apply for special programs. Please see program coordinator or attend orientation for additional information.

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