Internship Program

An internship is an off-campus or on-campus work experience that is designed to enhance student learning in the classroom. Through internships, students achieve “Learning Objectives” designed to help expand career options, learn about the ‘work culture,’ and develop new job skills.

Students interested in becoming interns can go to to find out how to get involved in SMC’s Internship Program, and to to find out about the many kinds of internships that are available.

To be eligible for an internship class, a student must be a ‘continuing student’ at Santa Monica College. A continuing student is one who attended SMC the previous Fall or Spring semester and completed at least 6 units. For example, a Fall semester or Summer session intern is required to have attended SMC the previous Spring semester and completed at least 6 units. A Spring semester intern is required to have attended SMC the previous Fall semester and completed at least 6 units.

To enroll in an internship, students are required to attend a one-hour Internship Orientation meeting at the beginning of the semester. Visit our website ( or call the Career Services Center for the orientation meeting schedule.

Students earn college credit based on the number of internship hours worked. Each unit of college credit requires 60 hours of unpaid (volunteer), or 75 hours of paid work per semester. The General Internship classes are listed in this schedule of classes under Counseling and Testing. The classes are Counseling 90A, B, C, and D, and range from 1 to 4 units of credit. General Internships need not be related to the student’s educational or career goals.

F-1 students must see the immigration coordinator at the International Educational Center before enrolling in an internship.

Several departments at SMC also offer Specific Internships that are related to a student’s major or career goal. These internships combine on-the-job learning experiences with college curriculum, and are for students who are beginning, changing, or advancing in a career, or who are moving ahead in a major. Students can call the Career Services Center at (310) 434-4337 to find out which departments offer internships.

SMC’s Career Services Center hosts an Internship Fair each Spring semester, offering students the opportunity to meet potential employers and ask questions about the internships being offered. Visit our website ( to find out when the next Internship Fair will be held.

For further information or for help in finding an internship, call the Career Services Center at (310) 434-4337, or visit our website (

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