Weekend College

You can satisfy many of your Associate degree and transfer requirements by attending SMC only on the weekend! We offer General Education, transferable courses in a variety of modules to help you progress toward your personal educational goals faster. We also offer many classes related to our occupational certificates. There are sections offered in a short-term, accelerated format; in a “hybrid” format using both online instruction and in class instruction; as well as traditional, full semester length courses. We also have sections which meet one weeknight plus Saturday morning. Below is a listing of these sections. Please see the full schedule for section details including IGETC credit and course start dates.

AHIS 11, Art Appreciation: Introduction to Global Visual Culture • 3 units; UC, CSU

1063   9:00a-12:05p Sat   A 214   Wood E

ANATMY 1, General Human Anatomy • 4 units; UC, CSU

1081   9:00a-12:05p Sat   SCI 224   Hill B J

   12:45p-3:50p Sat   SCI 224   Hill B J

   Arrange-1 Hour    SCI 245   

ART 10A, Design I (3,3) • 3 units; UC, CSU

1121   9:00a-2:10p Sat   A 118   Kiyose Y

ART 13, 3-D Design (3,3) • 3 units; UC, CSU

1132   9:00a-2:10p Sat   A 126   Silver E M

ART 20A, Drawing I (3,3) • 3 units; UC, CSU

1139   9:00a-2:10p Sat   A 120   Riggs T M

ART 52A, Ceramics I (3,3) • 3 units; UC, CSU

1167   9:00a-2:05p Sat   AIR 170   Tomkinson B D

Above section 1167 meets at the Airport Arts Campus, 2800 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica Airport.

CS 50, C Programming • 3 units; UC, CSU

1636   1:00p-4:05p Sat   BUS 207   Dehkhoda A

CS 56 Advanced Java Programming • 3 units; UC, CSU

1638   9:00a-12:05p Sat   BUS 207   Dehkhoda A

ENGL 1, Reading and Composition 1 • 3 units; UC, CSU

1771   9:00a-12:05p Sat   HSS 206   Kauffman S R

1772   9:00a-12:05p Sat   HSS 207   Minami A M

NEW 3192   9:00a-12:05p Sat   HSS 203   Bonar H S

ENGL 2, Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition • 3 units; UC, CSU

1845   9:00a-12:05p Sat   DRSCHR 211   Ireland S P

1846   9:00a-12:05p Sat   DRSCHR 210   Norstrand J J

ESL 906: High Advanced ESL

7013   9:00a-3:00p Sat   PAC 105   Parr T E

Above 7013 section meets at the Performing Arts Center, 1310 11th Street.

HIST 11, History of the United States through Reconstruction • 3 units; UC, CSU

2289   9:00a-12:05p Sat   HSS 104   Nielsen C S

MATH 20, Intermediate Algebra • 5 units

4313   6:45p-9:10p W   LS 103   Liao G

   12:30p-2:55p Sat   LS 103   Liao G

MATH 31, Elementary Algebra • 5 units

4329   6:45p-9:10p W   LS 203   Owaka E A

   12:30p-2:55p Sat   LS 203   Owaka E A

   Arrange-1 Hour        

MATH 84, Pre-Algebra • 3 units

2603   9:00a-12:05p Sat   LS 103   Owaka E A

   Arrange-1 Hour        

MUSIC 60A, Elementary Piano, First Level • 2 units; UC, CSU

2671   10:00a-1:05p Sat   PAC 206   Gliadkovskaya E

Above 2671 section meets at the Performing Arts Center, 1310 11th Street.

PHOTO 1, Introduction to Photography • 3 units; UC, CSU

2836   9:00a-12:05p Sat   BUS 133   Moriarty T F

See full schedule listing for section details.