Political Science

POL SC E00 Current Events – Attend only one section.

Consider the political, economic and social movements that determine local, national, domestic and foreign policies in the U.S. and around the world.

9820 10a–11:50a    Mon    SM LIBRARY    Margot Reiner

Join other explorers in great adventures of thought. Ask and try to answer important and meaningful questions about the world today. Follow academic goals and become better informed. Tickets to this section are given to students at the first class. Class meets in the MLK Auditorium.

9821 10a–11:50a    Wed    1227 #107    Harvey Stromberg

Discuss the issues and events of our changing world.

9822 2p–3:50p    Fri    HSS 165    Nat Trives, Jay Johnson

The World Today: A discussion of great events.

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