Home Arts and Maintenance

See Art E06 for Community Gardening class.

CT E00 The Fix–It Class – Repair Almost Anything

A wide variety of consumer-oriented repair problems are addressed in this demonstration/lecture class.

9740 12p–2:15p    Mon    1227 #408    Margaret Ross

Beginners: Learn to do minor household repairs for yourself or supervise others. Repair leaky faucets, handle minor electrical problems, hang almost anything, caulking, etc.

HME EC E01 Sewing Lab

Learn how to construct clothing and creative sewing projects. Includes quilting and appliqué.

9776 12p–2:50p    Fri    1227 #205    Nancy Larsen

This session is for beginners and more advanced sewers. Cover the basics to more complicated sewing techniques. Choose your own projects to work on under the supervision of a credentialed instructor.

HME EC E70 Needlecraft – I

Knitting techniques including the selection of materials, planning projects and finishing.

9777 1p–3:15p    Mon   MEMORIAL PARK    Rennie Skepner

Knitting for all levels—men too! New students are welcome. Individual and group instruction. Beginners will learn about techniques and materials. Students buy their own materials. Meets in the Crafts room, off the parking lot.

HME EC E71 Needlecraft – II

Fiber Arts: Beginning and Intermediate

9778 1:30p–4:20p    Wed    1227 #408    Susan Ryza

Bring a fiber project to work on, e.g., knitting, crochet, weaving, basketry, or needlepoint. Learn new techniques or receive teacher assistance in this relaxed class. Students purchase their own materials.

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