The SMC student I.D. card provides SMC students with a photo I.D. and enhanced access features. The card:

   •   Provides special access privileges to campus computer labs and tutoring centers;

   •   Helps track student attendance credit at campus tutoring centers and course-related labs;

   •   Allows students to add and drop classes;

   •   Allows students to request and obtain their transcripts;

   •   Is used when scheduling counseling appointments;

   •   When combined with a current Associated Students membership sticker and swipe-activated, provides access to Big Blue Bus “Any Line, Any Time” service; and

   •   When combined with a valid AS membership sticker, provides access to many other services at SMC (go to and click on the “A.S. Benefits” link). Associated Students contributes funding for the Big Blue Bus “Any Line, Any Time” service.

For further information, please stop by the Bursar’s Office, located next to the Counseling Complex.

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