Internship Program:
Library Village 161   434-4337

The Career Services Center provides SMC students with a single, conveniently located source for career exploration, internships, and assistance in finding on- and off-campus jobs.

The Career Services Center also operates SMC’s Internship Program, which helps students find opportunities for internships and cooperative work experience in jobs related to their field of study. To find out about SMC’s Internship Program, please stop by or call the Career Services Center, or visit the Internship Program’s website.

The Career Services Center offers:

       Access to, an online career-exploration programs;

       Workshops on career exploration, resume writing, interview techniques, how to get the most out of your job, and other pre- and post-employment issues;

       An extensive Career Resource Library that includes information on job descriptions, salaries, recommended preparation, and preferred skills;

       Hundreds of job and internship listings online at; and

   •   Job search assistance.

To help you plan your career, we offer a special eight-week class each term to provide you with an opportunity to explore your interests, identify and clarify your core values, and evaluate your skills (see the listing for “Counseling 12, Career Planning” in this Schedule of Classes). To help you learn how to be successful at work, we also offer an eight-week class that teaches the skills necessary for new employees to survive the initial months on the job, adapt to the company culture, and succeed in remaining employed (see the listing for “Counseling 16, Job Success Skills” in this Schedule of Classes).

The Career Services Center also offers individual career counseling by appointment. For more information, passwords to our online programs, or to make an appointment, please call or visit the Career Services Center, or see our website.

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