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Associated Students (AS)—the student-directed organization of the SMC student body and its elected or appointed student officers—promotes the intellectual, social, and cultural welfare of students through proper, effective government. Students participating in AS Government gain first-hand experience with the governing process and build management and leadership skills.

AS membership fees support a rich program of extracurricular activities—including more than 60 student clubs—to foster academic achievement, social interaction, and community involvement.

The Student Life Office is the hub of all AS activities. The AS Board of Directors, other AS officers, Inter-Club Council (ICC), Associate Dean of Student Life, and student activities staff can all be found there, along with information on AS and club activities, use of campus public areas, campus student publicity, and other details.

Associated Students Government

Students may participate in AS Government as elected officers serving one-year terms on the AS Board of Directors or as the Student Trustee. Students may also volunteer as AS Commissioners appointed by the Board of Directors to help carry out directors’ goals and serve on committees.

Students elected to AS Government can represent the interests of their fellow students in how SMC operates, including instructional support systems, student services, financial support services, and planning. SMC’s Board of Trustees grants and defines AS Government’s legislative and fiscal authority.

Students in AS Government must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in at least eight units per semester. For details, see the Associated Students website or ask the Student Life Office for information.

Associated Students Membership

AS membership is optional. Students who choose to pay the AS membership fee each semester not only enrich campus life with concerts, guest speakers, student clubs, and special events, but also support SMC’s transportation initiative, and enjoy special privileges and benefits such as:

   •   Priority use of the Cayton Associated Students Computer Lab;

   •   Student club membership and support to start a club;

   •   Leadership opportunities (elected or appointed);

   •   Discounts on selected movie and theme park tickets sold through the SMC Events Office; and

   •   Much more!

For all the details, visit the Associated Students website or ask the Student Life Office.

Student Clubs & Inter-Club Council (ICC)

One of the best ways to get involved in campus life is to join one of SMC’s more than 60 student clubs. The clubs reflect the wide range of interests SMC students have in areas such as academic achievement, science, sports, creative arts, business and industry, social awareness, and service. Club activities—which include field trips, business meetings, concerts, guest lectures, and social events—enhance the educational and social experiences students have on campus and in the community. To find out about student clubs, visit the Student Life Office.

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) promotes SMC’s student clubs to attract and increase student participation in them, encourage the development of student leadership and service, and foster interaction among the clubs. The ICC sponsors Club Row, an annual spring festival that brings all of SMC’s student clubs together to showcase their variety and give students the chance to find out first-hand what activities the clubs offer.

PLEASE NOTE: California law forbids secret fraternities and sororities in public community colleges. All clubs at SMC—with the exception of the honor scholarship societies, which require specific qualifications—are open to all students.

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