Santa Monica College has many computer-based services and on-campus computer labs for the benefit of its students. On-campus wireless Internet access is available at various indoor and outdoor locations to all currently enrolled students with an SMC computer lab account and a correctly configured computing device.

Every SMC student receives a FREE college email account that offers a permanent address (as long as Google is the provider). IMPORTANT: YOUR SMC EMAIL ADDRESS IS WHERE SANTA MONICA COLLEGE WILL SEND ALL OFFICIAL COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE COLLEGE TO A STUDENT. To access these communications from the College, students can use any electronic device with Internet access. Students also have available various other Google services, including online storage space for documents. Students are strongly urged to read the Google Privacy Policy ( before using the service.

Students using any SMC computer services are expected to abide by SMC’s Responsible Computer Use Policy (see the secure webpage at for details). On-campus computers may be restricted to College-related work at any time. All files MUST be saved to either student-selected online storage or onto student-provided removable media such as USB flash drives. Any files not saved properly are subject to loss, and the College is NOT responsible for any work lost while using College computer labs or services.

The following computer labs are open to all CURRENTLY ENROLLED students:

   •   The SMC Library (434-4254) provides computers and wired and wireless network connections in the Computer Commons (downstairs near the Reference Desk, 1st Floor North) to access a variety of information resources;

   •   The Bundy LRC Lab—Bundy Campus, 3171 S. Bundy Dr., Rm. 116 (434-3440); and

   •   The Academy of Entertainment & Technology (AET) Student Services Area—AET Campus, 1660 Stewart St., Rm. 128.

An additional computer lab is open to all currently enrolled students WITH VALID ASSOCIATED STUDENTS MEMBERSHIP:

   •   The Cayton Associated Students Computer Lab—Cayton Center 209 (434-4615)—provides computers, printers, and a variety of software.

The following computer labs, primarily for students enrolled in specific classes, make their equipment and software available to all enrolled SMC students, but ONLY at times when the labs are not in use for instruction or tutoring purposes (check with the lab for available hours):

   •   The Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) Lab—Business 231 (434-4783);

   •   The English Labs—Drescher Hall 203 and 204 (434-4738); and

   •   The Library Computer Lab—SMC Library, 2nd Floor North (434-4254).

SMC has more than 700 computers in specialized computer labs used to support students enrolled in specific programs or classes. These labs include:

   •   The Art Lab—Art 119—for selected Art and Design classes;

   •   The Continuing Ed Lab—Bundy Campus, 3171 S. Bundy Dr., Rm. 127 (434-6661)—for SMC’s Continuing Ed and Adult Ed programs;

   •   The Counseling Complex Lab—Counseling Complex 124—for students using the African American Collegian Center, Transfer/Counseling Center, Pico Promise Transfer Academy (PPTA), and Latino Center;

   •   The CSIS Computer Classrooms—Business 250 (NTT Lab), 253 (Keyboarding Lab), 255 (Accounting Lab), and 259 (Business Center Lab)—for CSIS classes;

   •   The Digital Photography Lab—Business 131—for selected digital photography classes;

   •   The Earth Sciences Labs—Drescher Hall 128 and 134—for Earth Science classes;

   •   The Emeritus Lab—1227 Second St., Room 208 (434-4306)—for Emeritus College programs for seniors;

   •   The High Tech Training Center—Admissions/Student Services Complex 103 (434-4267)—computer access for students with disabilities;

   •   The Math Lab—Math Complex 84—for Math tutoring (and Math Complex 82 for Basic Skills Math tutoring);

   •   The Modern Language Lab—Drescher Hall 219 (434-4625)—for Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, and Spanish classes;

   •   The Music Media Lab—Performing Arts Center 204 (434-4852)—computers with MIDI interfaces and sequencers for students in Music 2 through Music 8 classes;

   •   The Reading Lab—Drescher Hall 312—for selected Reading/Writing classes; and

   •   The Science Lab—Science 240 (434-3548);

   •   The Writing Lab—Drescher Hall 308—primarily for English 81A classes.

To find up-to-date information about campus computer labs and their hours, see the Student Computer Labs webpage (

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