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High Tech Training Center
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Learning Disabilities Program
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Santa Monica College makes every effort to make its campus fully accessible to students with disabilities. The Center for Students with Disabilities offers a number of specialized programs to help students with their academic, vocational, and career planning goals. In addition, the Center has counselors available to answer questions, help solve problems, and authorize accommodation services such as specialized equipment.

Through the Center for Students with Disabilities, students have access to:

•   Classes in personal and social awareness, independent living skills, study skills, and adaptive computer technology, which are listed under “Counseling—Disabled Student Services” in this Schedule of Classes;

   •   The Learning Disabilities Program, which provides educational assessment, study strategies training, and appropriate accommodations for students with learning disabilities (for details, please call or visit our office to request an appointment with one of our learning specialists);

   •   The High Tech Training Center, designed to train students with disabilities in the use of adapted computer technology;

   •   The Acquired Brain Injury Program, which promotes re-entry into academic and vocational programs; and

   •   Pathfinders, post-stroke exercise and communication classes offered at Emeritus College, SMC’s program serving the older adult community.

Academic adjustments may be made for qualified students with disabilities. The procedure for requesting such an adjustment is outlined in the “College Policies” section of this Schedule of Classes, under the heading “Academic Adjustments & Information Technology for Students with Disabilities.”

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