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SMC’s Veterans’ Resource Center provides a variety of support services to veterans to assist them in matters pertaining to their transition from the military to college. The Center offers a place where students who are veterans of military service can feel comfortable, decompress, and take a break from the campus hubbub. A free textbook-lending library, a study space, and a computer-tutoring room are available.

Veterans are urged to take full advantage of the counseling services and educational programs offered by Santa Monica College. Through the Veterans’ Resource Center, veterans can find or make arrangements for academic, career, and transfer counseling, as well as financial aid, tutoring, and other services that aim to help students achieve their educational goals. VA paperwork for veterans’ dependents receiving benefits under Chapters 33 and 35 of the GI Bill is also processed through the Veterans’ Resource Center. While the Center does NOT provide answers to veterans’ problems that are not related to the College’s programs, efforts will be made whenever possible to direct students to resources where answers may be found.

PLEASE NOTE: Veterans Administration (VA) regulations not only require students to meet the same academic standards as all other students at SMC, but also place certain restrictions on students receiving VA educational benefits. For example, students who fail to achieve a semester grade point average of 2.0 (C) will be placed on academic probation, and after two semesters on academic probation, they may lose their VA educational benefits.

For more information about the Veterans Resource Center, please see our webpage, call us, or stop by for a visit.

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