Music, Performing and Appreciation

See HUMDEV E17 Senior Seminar for the Luisa R. G. Kot Concert Series.

MUSIC E00 Concert Band

If you can play a musical instrument, come join in playing a wide selection of music. Regular performances are presented to the public.

9807    6:30p–9:20p    Tue    LINCOLN SCH    Mike Corrigan

Rehearse and perform a variety of concert band music. Players of brass, woodwind, or percussion instruments may enroll with the consent of the instructor.

MUSIC E03 “The Merits” – Vocal Ensemble

A chorus of men and women organized around songs from musical comedy or light opera. The music will be brought to a high level for performance.

9808    10a–12:50p    Tue    FST PRESBYTERIAN    William Bryant

Perform old standards, musical comedy and favorite songs. Combine fun with learning music skills. The ability to carry a part and read music is helpful but not mandatory.

MUSIC E04 Voice Training

9809    1:30p–3:20p    Thu    1227 #107    William Elliott

Vocal exercises and solo singing. Advanced memorization is stressed.

MUSIC E06 Gospel Community Chorus

Learn to sing and build a repertoire of gospel songs in a friendly atmosphere. For beginners through advanced.

9810    12p–1:50p    Wed    CALVARY BAPT    William Bryant

Get the spirit! Sing and learn about authentic gospel music in an exciting, supportive group under the direction of an award-winning master instructor. Men and women singers. The ability to read music is helpful but not required.

MUSIC E10 Spanish Folk Singing

Latin American and Spanish music with a special emphasis on the various styles and different regions.

9811    12p–1:50p    Tue    VIRGINIA PARK    Jesus Perez

Explore the richness and diversity of this inspired musical tradition. Be prepared to sing in Spanish. Possible performance options. Meets VIRGINIA PARK Thelma Terry Building, Workshop #3.

MUSIC E30 Opera Appreciation for Older Adults

Learn about opera, the form, themes, staging, history, and music.

9812    11a–12:50p    Thu    1227 #107    Linda Jackson

Experience opera behind the scenes and as an audience member from the beginning to the descending curtain.

MUSIC E32 Music Appreciation

Focus your appreciation through exciting listening experiences. Discuss musical periods and begin to understand performances in greater depth.

9813    9a–10:50a    Fri    1227 #107    James Peterson

Music from around the world: An engaging and unique exploration of music from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States illustrated by examples of orchestral, jazz, film music, and indigenous music styles from around the globe.

9814    1p–2:50p    Mon    1227 #107    Matthew Hetz

Explore Classical Music and learn about music. For all levels. Discuss the interaction between culture, language and social events that shape the creativity of musicians. Enjoy performances by rising student performers.

MUSIC E33 Art and Music of Western Culture

9815    9a–10:50p    Tue    1227 #408    Linda Jackson

Singers and their music. Learn about major performers and how their approaches to music enhance the listening experience.

MUSIC E34 Lyric Chorus

A chorus of women’s voices singing three–part arrangements of great classics, bouncy Broadway and rollicking ragtime. Many performances in Southern California.

9816    9a–11:50a    Thu    FST PRESBYTERIAN    William Elliott

Come learn professional choral techniques. Have the fun and joy of blending your voice with others to create memorable music. Some experience is helpful. Meets in the chapel.

MUSIC E51 Piano and Theory

Students can start and proceed at their own level and pace. Learn notation and playing techniques. Knowledge of the keyboard is helpful.

9817    12:15p–2:05p    Sat    PAC 200    Iris Kaphan

Learn techniques for reading, playing, and practicing music. Being able to read music and some knowledge of the keyboard are helpful. SMC Performing Arts Center (Madison) 200. Class subject to the availability of the piano lab.

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