Literature and Writing

BILING E01 Literature in Spanish

Explore a variety of literature written in Spanish. Excellent for native speakers or language students.

9735    9a–10:50a    Fri    VIRGINIA PARK    Hernán Quiñones

Taught in Spanish. Fiction, poetry and plays by Spanish and Latin American writers are discussed: Cervantes, Martí, Darío, Machado, Mistral, Vallejo, García Lorca, Borges, Neruda, Onetti, Cortázar, and many others. Meets in THELMA TERRY Building, Workshop 3.

BILING E02 French Literature

Explore a variety of literature written in French. Excellent for native speakers or foreign language students.

9736    2:00p–3:50p    Tue    1227 #409    Dominique Isner

Potpourri of French literature for students fluent in French.

BILING E03 Yiddish Literature

Explore a variety of literature written in Yiddish. Excellent for native speakers or language students.

9737    1:30p–3:20p    Wed    1227 #409    Archie Barkan

Some Yiddish speaking and reading skills are needed to fully enjoy this class. Share life experiences; read aloud newspapers, classic stories, and modern literature to learn about thousands of years of Yiddish culture.

ENGL E20 Literature: The Novel

An exploration of the novel’s development in both classic and contemporary forms, with particular attention to style and characterization, to understand the ways that fictional language attempts to make sense of the world and of our place in it.

9740    2p-3:50p    Mon    1227 #409    Frank Dwyer

In Search of Lost Time, Part 2. We will return to our epic traversal of Marcel Proust’s 7-volume masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time, with volume 1, Swann’s Way, part 2: “Swann in Love.” We are using the magnificent translation by C. K. Scott Moncrieff and Terence Kilmartin, revised by D. J. Enright, easily available as a Modern Library Classic paperback. (Make sure you get the edition that includes all three translators!)

ENGL E22 Literature and Leisure

9741    1p–2:50p    Fri    1227 #408    Monona Wali

Short story: Overview and discussion of works by contemporary writers. Authors from Latin America, America and Europe. Occasionally movies are seen and discussed.

ENGL E23 Shakespeare

Selected plays and poems by William Shakespeare will be studied and discussed.

9742    9a–10:50a    Mon    1227 #107    John Achorn

9743    11a–12:50p    Mon    1227 #107    John Achorn

SHAKESPEARE – We will explore Shakespeare’s history plays by reading the disputed “Edward III” and his “Richard III”; the War of the Roses will be the main emphasis..

9744    12p–1:50p    Tue    MALIBU SENIOR CTR    Peter Sawaya

There are poets and there are playwrights, and then there is Shakespeare, the undisputed master of poetry and playwriting. In this class we will explore and revel in his genius. A good time is guaranteed.

ENGL E24 Bible as Literature

Study Biblical writings and their use in comtmporary settings. Examine life experience in light of biblical literature.

9848    2p-3:50p    Thu    SM Synagogue        Jeff Marx

Study the wide variety of interpretations of biblical literature in particular the historical references, poetry and adventure during biblical times. Class meets at Temple Sha Arei Am (corner of 18th and Broadway in Santa Monica.

ENGL E25 Literature: The American Novel

9745    9a–10:50a    Tue    1227 #409    John Achorn

THE AMERICAN NOVEL – Continuing our exploration of the novel in the 1930s, we will be reading Steinbeck’s “Sweet Thursday”, John P. Marquand’s “The Late George Apley” and John Fante’s “Ask the Dust”.

ENGL E27 Poetry

Rediscover the world of poetry.

9746    10a–11:50a    Wed    MALIBU SENIOR CTR    Carol Davis

Contemporary American Literature: Cross Genre. Fiction writers who write poetry and poets who write fiction. Read and discuss short stories and poetry. You are encouraged to bring your own work to read.

ENGL E28 Plays and Playwrights

Discover the world of drama. Study the theater from a literary viewpoint and learn about plots, characters and the many interpretations through comparative analysis.

9747    9a–10:50a    Thu    1227 #107    Peter Sawaya

Survey Western drama from Ibsen to Kuchner. The development of modern drama, authors, critics, plays and to a lesser extent movies and TV drama and the period in which they were written will be covered.

ENGL E29 Greek Literature

Discover the world of Greek literature. Study from a literary viewpoint and the many interpretations through comparative analysis. Read and analyze the great myths of ancient Greek literature, focusing on how they both reflect and shape our sense of the world past and present.

9748    11:30a–1:20p    Mon    1227 #409    Frank Dwyer

Metamorphoses, Part 2. We will be continuing our investigation of Greek Myths, as recorded by the Roman poet Ovid in his delightful and enormously influential Metamorphoses, with the story of Ceres and Proserpina in Book V, in the excellent verse translation by Allen Mandelbaum, easily available in a Harcourt paperback.

ENGL E30 Creative Writing

Create a variety of written works for class critiques and discussion.

9749    9a–11:15a    Mon    1227 #409    Joe Kronsberg

Experiment with writing projects to explore style, content and effect from the basics to more sophisticated techniques.

9750    9:00a–11:15a    Tue    MALIBU METHODIST    Ellen Reich

Come learn the art of skillful writing. All levels are welcome.

ENGL E32 Writing and Communicating with Simplicity

Learn the skills you need to communicate through writing, conducted in basic Spanish.

9751    9:00a–10:50a    Mon    1227 #408    Olivia Regalado

Writing seminar conducted mostly in Spanish at a basic level: Learn to express ideas with clarity, coherence and style. Suitable for all levels of Spanish.

ENGL E33 Autobiography

Review and integrate the experiences that shaped your life. Share memories and create a family record. Receive guidance, inspiration and writing exercises to launch or continue autobiographical writing.

9752    9a–11:15a    Thu    1227 #408    Monona Wali

Tell your story and find your writer’s voice. Beginning and accomplished writers welcome.

9753    9:30a–11:45a    Sat    AET 206    Mary Jane Roberts

Designed for those who have already begun writing their memoirs. Meets at the AET campus, 1660 Stewart Street., (1/2 block north of Olympic Blvd.

9754    12p–2:15p    Sat    AET 206    Mary Jane Roberts

9755    12:30p–2:45p    Fri    MALIBU SR CENTER    Mary Jane Roberts

Designed for those who want guidance, inspiration, classroom exercises and assignments to launch or continue their autobiographical writing. Meets in the Meets at the AET campus, 1660 Stewart Street., (1/2 block north of Olympic Blvd.

ENGL E37 Writing Seminar

Develop and refine your writing skills in an informal round table atmosphere.

9756    9a–11:50a    Thu    1227 #409    Joe Kronsberg

Manuscripts of any genre are read and critiqued. Focus is on interchange of constructive comments.

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