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HUM 26, Introduction to the Humanities   3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • IGETC AREA 3B (Humanities) • Prerequisite: English 1.

In this introduction to the humanities students will survey literature in conjunction with great works of art through the ages (painting, sculpture, music, architecture, dance) exploring how, at widely separated points in time, artists and writers have expressed and responded to cultural, political, and intellectual concerns of their day. In doing so, they will see literature in the context of other art forms.

Humanities 26 is the same course as English 26. Credit may be earned for one, but not both.

2440   Arrange-3 Hours    ONLINE-E   Remmes J

Above section 2440 is a Distance Education course conducted over the Internet. For additional information, go to smconline.org (schedule of classes).

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