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Health Education

See Kinesiology Physical Education Professional Courses PRO CR 12 for training in first aid.

HEALTH 10, Fundamentals of Healthful Living    3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course is designed to develop proper attitudes toward healthful living. Topics include developmental tasks of young adults; mental health and stress; cause and prevention of diseases; effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs; sexuality and fertility management; aging; and environmental and health management issues.

2358   8:00a-9:20a MW   GYM 115   Strong L M

2359   9:30a-10:50a MW   GYM 115   Strong L M

2360   9:30a-10:50a TTh   MC 12   Geha T P

2361   12:45p-2:05p MW   DRSCHR 207   Chavez E C

2362   2:15p-3:35p MW   LA 231   Spychaj S J

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