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Energy Efficiency

ENERGY 1, Introduction to Energy Efficiency    3 units

   •   Prerequisite: None

This course will present basic energy concepts, lighting fundamentals and identification of opportunities for efficiency changes in buildings. Topics include scientific principles of energy, light and heat, energy codes and standards, metering and monitoring. Students will examine the economic, regulatory, and infrastructure issues affecting implementation of energy efficiency measures as well as their potential for solving energy and environmental problems.

1804   3:00p-6:05p MW   AIR 102   Cooley S

   8:00a-5:00p Sat   AIR 101   Cooley S

Above section 1804 meets for 8 weeks, Aug 27 to Oct 20, at the Airport Arts Campus, 2800 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica Airport. Above section 1804 will have four Saturday class meetings: Sept 8, 22, Oct 6, and 20.

ENERGY 2, Residential Building Science    3 units

   •   Prerequisite: None.

This course will develop an intermediate level of understanding of energy efficiency concepts especially as they apply to reductions in residential energy consumption and the practice of Building Performance Analysis. This course will cover energy and power concepts, rate options, load profile understanding, an introduction to smart grid technology, deeper understanding of the principles of heat, air, and moisture movement in residential homes. Students will be introduced to the operation of energy audit equipment such as the blower door test, the duct blaster, and the combustion analyzer. Student will learn to identify CAZ zones (combustion air zones) and to structure the placement of the blower door and duct blaster and develop the procedure for measuring air leakage rates of a typical residential home.

1805   3:00p-6:05p MW   AIR 102   Cooley S

Above section 1805 meets for 8 weeks, Oct 22 to Dec 12, at the Airport Arts Campus, 2800 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica Airport.

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