Programs At SMC Photography Department

"The Photography program teaches the dynamics of visual communication to illustrate ideas, record events, articulate stories, express moods, sell products, and interpret a person’s character. Courses stress technical knowledge, proficiency in camera control, digital and analog capture methods, artificial and natural light control, and image manipulation. This program prepares students for careers in photography-related genres including advertising photography, food photography, architectural photography, editorial photography, portrait photography, fashion photography, and photojournalism. - For additional possibilities, explore the computerized career information systems and other valuable career resources at the Career Services Center on SMC’s main campus.
SMC has articulation agreements in place with several 4-year institutions.Students planning to transfer should complete the lower-division major requirements and the general education pattern for the institution to which they intend to transfer.
High school students in the 11th and 12th grades may begin this program concurrently with their high school program if approved by the high school principal."Download:Suggested Course Path PDF

The major consists of 40 units. The following courses are required:
Art 10C, Computer Design (3 units)
Photography 1, Introduction to Photography (3 units)
Photography 2, Basic Photography Lab Techniques (2 units)
Photography 5, Fundamental Photo Digital printing (3 units)
Photography 30, Techniques of Lighting: Introduction (4)
Photography 31, Introduction: Photography People (4) Prerequisite: Photo 30 AND Photo 39, OR
Photography 32, Photographing People: Advanced (4) Prerequisite: Photo 30 AND Photo 39
Photography 33, Techniques of Lighting: Production (4)
Photography 39, Beginning Photoshop (3 units)
Photography 43, Beginning Portfolio Development (3 units)
Photography 52, History of Photography (3 units)
Photography 60, Business Practices for Photographers (3 units)

Additional courses to total 40 units and recommended electives may be selected from:

Photography 7, Advanced Portfolio Development (3 units)
Photography 13, News Photography (3 units)
Photography 14, Photography for Publication (3 units)
Photography 21, Alternative Photographic Process (3 units)
Photography 29, Video Production for Still Photographers (3 units)
Photography 31, Introduction: Photographing People (4) Prerequisite: Photo 30 AND Photo 39, OR
Photography 32, Photographing People: Advanced (4) Prerequisite: Photo 30 AND Photo 39
Photography 37, Advanced Black & White Printing (3 units)
Photography 40, Digital Capture (3 units)
Photography 42, Advanced Photoshop (3 units)
Photography 50, Basic Color Printing (3 units)
Photography 64, Community Documentary Photography (3 units) Prerequisite: Photo 2
Photography 88A, Independent Studies in Photography (1 unit)
Photography 88B, Independent Studies in Photography (2 units)
Photography 90A, Internship in Photography (1 unit)
Photography 90B, Internship in Photography (2 units)
Photography 90C, Internship in Photography (3 units)
Photography 90D, Internship in Photograph (4 units)

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