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Ford Lowcock received his first job in a studio in December 1974 while still a senior in high school. Ford never wanted to do anything else but become a photographer. It would not be until 1980 that Ford would be able to chase his dream with relentless fervor. He was hired that year as a full-time photographer's assistant and by 1981 had become an associate photographer with Robert Hasslanger Photography.

Ford began his commercial career by working with various advertising agencies in his hometown of Austin, Texas. His clients included the first electric car company, several oil companies, the University of Texas, Texas Monthly and Austin Homes and Gardens Magazine. Ford remained in this position until 1986 when the photographer with whomhe had been working closed his business and moved to Seattle, Washington.

During the first few months with Hasslanger Photography, Ford began learning to print color using the new Cibachrome P3 print material. He quickly realized the importance of pin registration and contrast reduction masking for Cibachrome and began to perfect these techniques. He also participated in a field study for Ciba-Gigy Corporation on using their newly introduced P3 material in a small lab situation. Then he learned how much easier it was to print color negatives using EP2 materials. In 1982 Ford began to learn dye transfer printing. Hasslanger knew some of the basics, but had never attempted dye transfer printing. Ford and Bob essentially taught themselves how make dye transfer prints.

The stubbornness that Ford has, not giving up when "things" don't seem to be going as easily as planned, came to the forefront as Bob Hasslanger left Ford to complete the necessary tests in a solid block of 12- hour days, 5-7 days per week, for 6 months, not only to learn how to control the dye transfer process, but also to produce a 25 image exhibit and portfolio. Jim Bones, assistant to famed color photographer Eliot Porter, taught Ford some of the tricks he had learned from printing Porter’s dye transfer prints. Ford considers himself very privileged to have had such guidance.

Ford returned Jim’s favor a year later when he carried what Jim had originally taught him into several areas that Jim had never explored.

Realizing his enjoyment of teaching others through a series of guest lectures, Ford attended Saint Edwards University
and received his undergraduate degree in Photo-Communications. Graduating in December 1987 Summa cum Laude, Ford moved immediately to Los Angeles with his soon-to-be wife, Josie. Within two years, Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills had hired him as a part-time photography instructor.

In 1992, Ford began teaching at Santa Monica College as a part-time instructor. Over the next five years, Ford was one of the many part-time instructors known as "freeway fliers" because he would teach at as many as four different schools during a single semester. He commuted as many as 670 miles per week among the various schools, a task that proved nearly impossible when the 1994 Northridge earthquake destroyed so many of the region’s freeways.

Ford is currently in his 11th year of teaching full-time at Santa Monica College and loves it. He teaches Commercial Photography Techniques (Photo 3), Beginning Portfolio Development (Photo 43), Digital Capture (Photo 40), and Building Web Sites for Photographers (Photo 44). GTE, Corp., Citibank Corp., the City of Austin, and the Photography Collection collect his personal work at the University of Texas in Austin, the City of Los Angeles, and others.

Ford still provides commercial work to a select few clients, but is currently concentrating on personal work.


Robert Larry Jones
Professor Of Photography

Mr. Jones graduated in 1963 with a certificate in photography from Santa Monica College. The same year he promptly began a freelance photographic business. Mr. Jones enlisted in the Navy in 1964. He was trained
as an aerial photo navigator, with a specialty in infrared photography. He was an aerial photographer over Vietnam from late 1965-1968. During this same time period he also produced combat photography documenting missions on the ground for the Department of the Navy.

In 1968 Mr. Jones was released from the Navy and went to work for North American Rockwell Corporation. He was an in-house corporate photographer, specializing in corporate work, brochures and catalogs.
In addition to the "usual" corporate photography, he was also was involved in the documentation of the construction, completion, and launching of the last of the Gemini missions and the 1969-1970 Apollo missions. 1970 – 1977, Mr. Jones worked for Pan American World Airways as a public relations and aerial photographer. As part of his duties he managed a total of 154 people, including the ground crew in the aerial division. During this same period his freelance business shifted to aerial photography, again specializing in infrared. While at Pan Am, he began teaching at Santa Monica College.

He was a part-time instructor from 1972 to 1976. In 1976 Mr. Jones became a full-time instructor at SMC.
He completed his Bachelor of Vocational Arts degree in 1985 at California State University at Long Beach. Today Larry is the director of the Photography Department.The courses he teaches range from beginning photography to our most advanced offerings.

He is currently at work on two books of personal projects and exhibiting his work in several galleries.

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Craig Mohr
Teaches Photo 1, 2, 3 and 6A
Native of Los Angeles, Craig Mohr studied filmmaking at UCLA and Art and Photography at Santa Monica College. He has been working as a Commercial Photographer since 1975 when he opened Catfish Farms Studios. He specializes in studio photography, primarily still-life, advertising and stock images for ad agencies, design firms and corporations.Past clients have included Allergan, Fox Broadcasting, K-Swiss, Vans, The Walt Disney Company, Spelling Entertainment, Farmers Insurance Group, Hard Rock Hotels and USC. His annual report work has been featured in Communications Arts Magazine, AR 100, the Mead Paper Show and the Art Director’s Club. Craig has been teaching photography classes at UCLA Extension since 1985 and Santa Monica College since 2000. He teaches Intro to Photography, Black & White Printing, Studio Lighting and Digital Photography Techniques.His current work includes a series of Digital B&W images on the Art of Architecture

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Adjunct Faculty

• Blue Fier

Teaches photo 4 - portrait photo 52 (also co-listed as Art History 52 or Art His 52)Blue Fier stock images are represented by Getty Images and Panoramic Images. Blue sells many images for use as background plates for major feature films, TV shows, and countless commercials. A podcast on Blue Fier’s special motion sequence camera is available on iTunes. While an undergraduate at Occidental College he spent six months in Rome, Italy on an International Fellowship casting bronze sculptures. Blue has two master’s degrees in Art (M.A. from Cal State University, Northridge and a M.F.A. from UCLA) that have given him the background to explore photography. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums, both nationally and internationally.

His unique perspective as a working photographer and years of creating order out of chaos has lead to his recently published book, Composition Photo Workshop, now available wherever books are sold. Blue has been teaching at Santa Monica College since 1994 and also teaches workshops at Santa Fe New Mexico, Samy's Camera Los Angeles, and Julia Dean Hollywood. Blue is sponsored by Leica, California Sunbounce, Pclix Timing devices, and Losmandy Camera Motion Control Systems.

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• Ed Freeman
Teaches Photo 39
Ed Freeman Teaches Photo 39 Ed Freeman majored in French and Russian at Oberlin College and spent twenty-five years in the music industry as a performer, arranger, conductor, producer and film composer before switching to photography full time in 1989. He operates a studio in downtown Los Angeles where his clients include Agfa, New Line Cinema, Miller Beer, Sony Music and Warner Bros.His computer-enhanced fine art images have been shown in museums and galleries worldwide and featured in various photography magazines including Camera Arts, PC Photo, PDN, Rangefinder, B&W Magazine and Popular Photography as well as scores of general interest publications, art books, greeting cards, calendars and posters. Chronicle Books released his first collection of landscape images, Desert Realty, in spring 2007. An earlier book entitled Work was published by Bruno Gmünder in Germany in 2000. Current projects include a book of surfing photographs and another one of underwater nudes. He is represented by Getty Images. In addition to teaching Photoshop at SMC, Freeman has given seminars at Julia Dean and WPPI (in very bad Spanish, no less). He also travels extensively (fifty countries and counting), plays piano and guitar, is fighting a losing battle to learn Mandarin Chinese and dreams of writing the Great American Symphony - whenever he gets a spare minute. Websites: Contact: on campus voicemail: (310)434-8036 Websites:

• Christina Gregory

Teaches Photo 1 and 2

Christina Gregory was born and raised in Honolulu and received BA and MA degrees from Stanford University where she studied art history and fine art. Recipient of a yearlong fellowship for educators, she has taught art in a variety of programs and has been teaching photography at Santa Monica College since 1990. She has worked in the field for almost 20 years, shooting large-format color work and portraiture. Her commercial work, both editorial/advertising, has appeared in publications including Sunset and the Los Angeles Times Magazine.

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• Irene Hovey
Teaches Photo 1 and 2

Irene Hovey teaches Photo 1 and Photo 2. Irene has operated her freelance photography business since 1991.
She produces fine art, wedding and commercial work. She also produces headshots, modeling portfolios, commercial catalogs, and album covers. In addition, Irene teaches privately. She is a 1993 graduate of the SMC photography program.

on campus voice mail: (310) 434-4887


• Brian Leng
Teaches Photo 1
started photography in High school for the school newspaper and quickly fell 
in love with photography. I then attended Santa Monica College in 1970 until transferring to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. Graduating form Brooks Institute of Photography in August 1972 I operated my own studio in Hollywood for seventeen years, photographing for MCA, Universal Studios, J.C. Penny, Herbalife International, Millerʼs Outpost, Inc. Magazine, CEPro, Enterprising Woman, LACMA, Electronic House, Advantage Advertising, Bear Advertising, Eastman Kodak, Boyd Design, and other clients.Served as ASMP President L.A. Chapter, also served on the board of APA for four years.

While I was doing commercial photography in Hollywood, I also taught photography at Santa Monica College part time beginning in 1992. After sixteen years I am still teaching photography at the college as well as teaching photo workshops in different California locations to avid photography lovers. I have several websites where my latest images can be found, and three photography books with photographic images from some of the locations where I’ve taken is my workshop participants.

My thoughts on Santa Monica College: the photo department has incredible photography instructors, possibly the best in the city. The most up-to-date digital photography equipment, computers, digital cameras, and a digital lab where students learn to work with newest digital software on the market. Santa Monica College is in the forefront of the digital photography age and has plans on moving with the new photographic technologies of tomorrow and beyond.
Stop by the photo department if you are in the area and take a quick look at the Photo department, I think you will be truly impressed.

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Here are the addresses where my recent photography work can be seen:

Marissa Lopez Donatt

Teaches traditional and digital photography courses: photo 1, photo 2, photo 4, photo 6 (studio) and photo 50
Marissa López Donatt; a freelance commercial photographer specialized in portraits, fashion, product, color theory, digital and traditional photography techniques, and a certified photography teacher at Santa Monica College. Marissa is an accomplished photographer, teacher and bilingual (Spanish/English) photographyspeaker; she naturally found a niche in photography when photographing dance performances and musicians. She began shooting fashion, portraiture, commercial, corporate and wedding photography over 16 years ago and has been creating uniquely stunning images ever since. Marissa was hired by the Chair of Photo and Art Mr. Mario Baratuchi, becoming part of the adjunct faculty credit photography program in 1996, where she was assigned to teach a special class for MAOF Latino students.
The program entitled for them to learn all facets of professional photography, from 35mm, medium format and 4x5 camera manipulations, where the students received vocational certificates and job placement to function in the business of photography. Marissa strongly believes in sharing the educational knowledge and her efforts to inspire anyone to pursue a photography career with a passion, therefore, she has participated in important educational projects for the community; The Community Development Commission Housing Authority County of Los Angeles, where she initiated a unique photography program teaching photography to low income children, sponsored by Ilford Corporation donating film and disposable cameras for the children, and inspired the children in creating a beautiful photography exhibit of their work in the photo gallery of Santa Monica College receiving two important acknowledgment awards from supervisor, first district of Los Angeles, Ms. Gloria Molina. She became a Board member of the Pico Improvement Organization in Santa Monica, creating photo exhibits for community photographers and students of Santa Monica College photo department for 4 consecutive years. Marissa also has participated in several photography contests receiving Accolades of Excellence awards at (WPPI) Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, where her photographs are being published.

She also has been a speaker at the same WPPI conference in Las Vegas in 2007 and 2010. As well as in January 2008 at ProPhoto Expo a Professional Photographers of California Conference. Today, Marissa continues as a freelance photographer in fashion, corporate, and family portraits, while she currently works in different photography projects and continues to share her knowledge with the community and photography organizations. For more information and to see some of her work, please visit the following websites:

marissalopezdonatt ::
Marissa López Donatt cel: 310.525.4413

"Photography speaks the universal language of creation."
Marissa Lopez Donatt

"All images are possible when expectation is set to it's optimum desire"
Marissa Lopez Donatt

• Sean McDonald
Teaches Photo 1, 2, 50

Sean has a BA in Photojournalism from California State Long Beach and studied photography at L. A. Pierce College. He has 22 years of experience in the photo industry, including retail sales, commercial lab work, and commercial shooting. He has also worked with a digital news agency and managed a digital service bureau.
After college Sean decided that he wanted to teach photography and began working at Pierce College as the Photo Lab Instructor, then joined the staff at SMC.

Sean’s personal photographic interests include landscape, industrial landscapes and depictions of man’s intrusion in nature. Sean is recently married to a wonderful wife and the two of them recently welcomed a beautiful daughter
to their family.

He is also a life-long surfer, an interest that has grown alongside his pursuit of photography and teaching. From time
to time he also builds his own surfboards.

For contact on campus voicemail: (310)434-8162

• Tim Moriarty
Co-Founder & Partner
KM Digital Photo

Tim was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. He headed west following his graduation from Villanova University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BS) to fulfill his obligation as an Army officer at Fort Lewis, Washington. His interest in photography began there in an Army Crafts Shop. Upon his discharge from the service, Tim headed to Los Angeles, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography (BFA) at the Art Center College of Design.
Tim is a devoted family man who lives with his wife Isabel, a clinical social worker, and their two sons. He has taught beginning and advanced photography classes at Santa Monica College since 1988, and he is an avid bicycle commuter who rides to raise money for AIDS research.

Contact: on campus voice mail: (310) 434-8165

• Melanie Morgan Shatto
Teaches Photo 1 and 2

Melanie Morgan Shatto has approached photography from as many different angles as you can think of. Her experience has led her through managing commercial and portrait studios, professional photo labs, retail camera sales, and lecture assisting for nationally recognized photo educators such as Don Blair, Tony Corbell and Joe Bussink. She has photographed weddings, events and portraits since 1994 and has published in People and In Style.

Melanie teaches Photo 1 at SMC and is currently a freelance photographer producing fine art and portraits. She has an Art degree from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and is the 2008 President of the Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County.


• Steve Moulton
Teaches Photo 37

Steve Moulton graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a BA in Commercial Photography in 1981. Steve's personal photography specializes in fine art black and white. His printing skills and knowledge are widely recognized throughout the greater Los Angeles area because he has been a custom black & white printer and/or a lab manager
for a number of professional photographic labs.
His current position is with Photo Impact. Mr. Moulton teaches Photo 37, Advanced Black & White Printing.

on campus voice mail: (310) 434-8164

• Dutch Myers
Teaches Photo 1

Dutch completed the Photography program at SMC in 1972 and subsequently earned his BFA in Photography at Art Center College of Design.After graduating he became studio manager for Bruce Wilson Studio, working in advertising photography for such clients as Bank of America, American Honda, and Princess Cruises.

After two years of working with Bruce, Dutch set out on his own, opening a studioin Hollywood where he began to develop his client base. Dutch shot for Vivitar, MacCulloch Power Tools, Macy's, Bullocks, The Broadway and Robinsons Department Stores. After a short period In Scottsdale, Arizona Dutch was recruited by Teleflora Corporation to set up an in-house photo studio for their national ad campaigns.

Dutch worked at Teleflora for 7 years and continues to do freelance for them. Additional clients 
include, Fiji Water,
Pom Wonderful, 1-800 Flowers ,and Sunkist Pistachios. 
 Mr. Myers also teaches at Ventura College.
Currently Dutch has a studio in Newbury Park and works for local ad agencies and designers.

• Ann Shamel
Teaches Photo 1

Ann Shamel, born and raised in Los Angeles, California.
education: Fine Art UCLA

personal work exhibited in museums, galleries and community spaces since 1981commercial & editorial work widely published - including (not limited to) magazines, books, cds, etc, retouching using alternative processes along with digital workshops: hand coloring b/w, image/emulsion transfer.

She is represented by Graphistock

on campus voice mail: (310) 434-8922

• John Thawley
Teaches Photo 1

John Thawley has been working in the commercial photography industry since 1989. After earning a BA in Speech Communication and a brief career in advertising where he says, "... going on photo shoots was the only fun I had," John worked as a freelance photo assistant and then commercial studio manager. This led to the desire to go back to school at Art Center College of Design where he earned his BFA in Commercial Photography.

Throughout his career, Thawley has kept close to his life’s passion for automobiles. He claims to have used a car in every school photo assignment that even remotely offered the possibility. (He drove some of his teachers nuts in the process.) A self-described "Car Nut" most of his work is for the automotive and motor-sports industries.

He is a regular contributor to Honda Tuning, Muscle Car Enthusiast, Sport Compact Car, Super Ford and 5.0 Mustang magazines.

Away from the camera and classroom, Thawley enjoys motorsports, woodworking, refurbishing old houses and using loud, dangerous power tools. He lives in Santa Ana, California with his wife, young daughter, three cats and a brown dog.


Teaches Photo 39

Ming Tshing is both a working photographer and dedicated educator. He graduated from the SMC photo program in 2002 and has worked with photographers in both the traditional and digital realm since 1999. In 2000, Ming joined Nash Editions as the assistant to co-founder R. Mac Holbert. His photographic expertise encompasses the gamut, from the aesthetics of composition to the complex technical work of color management and correction. Currently, Ming is the senior imaging specialist at Nash Editions.

• Ed Mangus Teaches: Photo 2, Photo 40 (studio instructor)
Beyond Basic Photography; SMC Continuing Community Education

Born and raised in the City of Los Angeles, Ed is a life long photographer with over 25 years of professional photographic experience working in all aspects of the profession and in college-level photography and laboratory instruction. He has won a variety of awards for his work in photojournalism, media arts, service and tutoring. Before joining Santa Monica College in 1996, he worked as a laboratory instructor in photography at Los Angeles Pierce College. His freelance work specializes in advertisement campaign photography, documentaries, environmental portraiture, and production still photography. His current teaching at SMC includes Photo 2, Photo 40 (studio instructor), and Beyond Basic Photography.

“One of my key skills is to communicate well with people, individually and as a group. It has always been gratifying to me to provide instruction to students, which enhances their technical and artistic development in photography”.

His personal work is producing fine art images.

Studio: (818) 907 0618

• John Richardson
Teaches Photo 24 - Alternative Printing

John Richardson platinum process is by no means instant. The time it takes to craft a single print, and the time it takes to master the process, more closely resembles painting or aquatint. One exposure, seen pristine on the ground glass, all variables taken into account, the end result in my imagination even before the film is inserted or the shutter is released, that is what I hope for. Six such negatives in one day of shooting, and I'm in heaven! No auto focus, auto exposure, auto bracketing, no instant reviewing of the exposure and checking levels. Sitting later, in complete darkness, fingers in 68 degree chemistry, watching the silently moving hands on the GraLab glowing, I pray that I've got what I thought I saw, and, was that sheet #5, or sheet #6 I just shuffled? Now that takes guts!

I print in platinum because, in my opinion, there is no finer method to make a photograph, and no greater challenge to get there. I stumbled on the process almost by accident, 22 years ago. Not owning an enlarger, I was making 4"x5" contact prints in a basement room at school in New York City. Later a friend, admiring those prints, said they looked like platinum prints, and inquired as to whether I had ever tried that process? A few weeks later he showed me how to make my first print, using sunlight as the exposure source and his dining room table as the darkroom.
I was hooked. Over those 22 years I co-founded L.A. Photo Workshops where I taught others the process. I've spoken about platinum at the Getty Museum.

I've shown my work numerous times. I've printed editions in platinum for contemporary photographers such as Catherine Opie, Dennis Hopper, and Kenny Rogers. Film photography for the masses is fading away (pardon the pun). Just as the advent of photography in the 1830’s liberated painters from the bonds of reality, so will digital photography liberate the hand coated, historic, and alternative processes with which photography began, so that they may at last come to be recognized unquestionably and valued as ART.
Come join me in this process of re-discovery!

• Tony LaBruno Teaches Photo 3A and 3B

Tony LaBruno has worked as a freelance photographer for over 20 years in the Los Angles area. A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, he started his career assisting photographers of various specialties from fashion to celebrity to product. With a stint at Sports Illustrated lighting stadiums, he ended his assistant career as studio manager for a car photographer.

Now with his own business, he shoots a range of products for many clients including not only vehicles, but wine bottles, architecture, and even toys. He says of himself, “I’m a studio rat. I love nothing more than being in the studio and shooting, no matter what the subject.”
Tony teaches Photo 3.'

Of it he says, “the 4X5 is a great learning tool, it makes you take your time and look at the light.”


•Gerard Burkhart Teaches Photo 13 and 14 - Photojournalism

Gerard Burkhart is a photojournalist whose work has appeared in every major national news magazine and newspaper through assignments or via wire services Agence France Presse and Associated Press. Additional work has been circulated through the agencies gettyimages, Polaris and Black Star. He is currently providing editorial and corporate work to gettyimages custom assignments along with other clients. As a photographer with the Los Angeles Times his photos were a part of three Pulitzer prize winning group entries and a fourth group entry Pulitzer Finalist for spot news. As a photographer for the Los Angeles Times he won First Place for Photo Essay in the 1996 Greater Los Angeles Press Club for a local environmental clean up story. He was a staff photographer at the Los Angeles Daily News. His North Hollywood Neighborhood Project is a part of the permanent historical photography collection of the Los Angeles Public library, the attorney group O’Melveney and Meyers photo collection and private collectors in the U.S. and Great Britain. He also teaches photojournalism classes at Santa Monica College. Web site:


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