Classes At SMC Photography Department

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Photographers record visual images on film, videotape or digital media to graphically illustrate or explain an idea, record an event, or capture a mood. They often specialize in a particular type of subject matter, such as portraits, landscape and nature, or news pictures, and in types of equipment such as 35 millimeter cameras, video, or movie cameras. Some career titles include portrait photographers, commercial and industrial photographers, photojournalists, visual artists and photo editors. The photography major may also lead to other, related careers. For additional possibilities, consult the EUREKA, Sigi-Plus or Discover computerized career databases, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, or one of the many other career resources located in the Santa Monica College Transfer/Counseling Center.
In the studio we employ Macintosh computers for digital capture. In Digipix, our digital imaging facility, we utilize the most current versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Illustrator.

The major consists of 36 units. The following courses are required:
Art 10A, Design I (3 units)
Photography 3, Commercial Photography Techniques (6 units)Photography 4, Portrait Photography (3 units)
Photography 6, Advanced Commercial Photography (8 units)
Photography 39, Beginning Photoshop (3 units)
Photography 43, Beginning Portfolio Development (3 units)
Additional courses to total 36 units and recommended electives may be selected from:
Photography 1, Introduction to Photography (3 units)
Photography 2, Basic Photography Lab Techniques (2 units)
Photography 5, Fundamental Photo Digital printing (3 units)
Photography 7, Advanced Portfolio Development (3 units)
Photography 9, Advanced People Photography (3 units)
Photography 11, Color Transparency Photography (2 units)
Photography 13, News Photography (3 units)
Photography 14, Photography for Publication (3 units)
Photography 24, Photo-Graphics (2 units)
Photography 29, Video Production for Still Photographers (3 units)
Photography 37, Advanced Black & White Printing (3 units)
Photography 40, Digital Capture (3 units)
Photography 42, Advanced Photoshop (3 units)
Photography 44, Building Web Sites for Photographers (2 units)
Photography 50, Basic Color Printing (3 units)
Photography 51, Printing from Positive Materials (3 units)
Photography 52, History of Photography (3 units)
Photography 60, Business Practices for Photographers (3 units)
Photography 89, Cooperative Work Experience (3 or 4 units)

The following chart indicates what classes should be taken in what order. The courses listed in the electives column may
be taken at any time provide you have the required prerequisite. Prerequisites are in parentheses next to class name.
Semester / Suggested Classes / Possible Electives

First (Fall)

Photo 1 — Intro to Photo (none)
Photo 2 — Basic Photo Lab Tech. (Photo 1 or concurrent enrollment with Photo 1)
Art 10A — Design (none)
Photo 52 — History of Photo
Note: Winter is a short 6 week session in which you may be able to take Photo 2, 11 or Photo 50,
but only if you completed both Photo 1 and Photo 2. Photo 5 may also be available to students who have completed Photo 1.

Second (Spring)

Photo 3 (Photo 2)

Note: The series Photo 3a & 3b can replace Photo 3 but requires 2 semesters to complete. The series begins in the Fall semester. With 3a & 3b the photography degree or certificate completion will take longer than 2 years.
Photo 5 — Fundamental Photo Digital Printing (Photo 1)
Photo 60 — Business Practices for Photographers (Photo 1)
Photo 4 — Portrait Photography
(Photo 2)
Any of the above listed electives, or:
Photo 11 — Color Transparency (Photo 1)
Photo 24 — Photo-graphics (Photo 37)
Photo 37— Advanced B&W Printing (Photo 2)
Photo 50 — Basic Color Printing (Photo 2)
Photo 51 — Printing Color Slides (Photo 50 and 39)


Note: Summer is a short 6 week session in which you may be able to complete one of
the following courses: Photo 4, 11 or 50.
Third (Fall)
Photo 6 — Advanced Commercial Photo (Photo 3)
Any of the above listed electives, Or:
Photo 13 — News Photography (Photo 2)
Photo 29 — Video Production for Still Photographers (Photo 3)
Photo 39 — Photoshop I (Photo 50)
Photo 88 — Independent Studies
Photo 90 — Internships (1-4 units)


Note: Winter is a short 6 week session in which you may be able to take Photo 39,
but only if you have already completed Photo 50.
Fourth (Spring)
Photo 40 — Digital Capture (Photo 6 and 42, or concurrent enrollment in 42)
Photo 42 — Advanced Photoshop (Photo 39)
Photo 43 — Beginning Portfolio Development (Photo 6 and 39)
Photo 9 — Advanced People Photography (Photo 6)
Photo 14 — Photo for Publication (Photo 13)
Photo 44 — Building Web Sites for Photographers (Photo 39)
Photo 51 — Ilfochrome Printing (Photo 50 and 39)

(Summer And Fall)

Any of the classes listed above. If you require more information, please contact the photo department.
We strongly urge each graduating student to complete Photo 7—Advanced Portfolio Development —after Photo 43
as this will help put the finishing touches on your working portfolio. Please note that this is only a suggestion and not a requirement for graduation.