Date:   July 3, 2001

To:      Santa Monica-Malibu Board of Education

From: Dale Franzen
           Sue Gee

Re:      Educational Program for the Madison Theater

We have been meeting to discuss how the school district and the college will partner in providing quality educational programs at the Madison Theater. These discussions have been very exciting, particularly as we think of the potential for introducing the work of emerging artists to young students. The opportunities are limited only by our imagination!

There are some certainties about this proposed work:

1. That we would develop teacher training components for each arts performance, allowing teachers to deepen the experience back in their classrooms;

2. That we would engage arts organizations in the greater L.A. area in the development of programs;

3. That we would reach out beyond both institutions to organizations that have already developed similar programs across the country;

4. That everything that we plan has the potential of igniting a flame of interest within the heart of every child, leading to amazing creative expression; and

5. That all experiences will be built upon the intention that all that we do to introduce the arts and to deepen students’ arts experiences leads to a better understanding of all people and their cultures.

And, there are some things that will bloom once we dive into the design of the program:

1. That the best programming will be done through a collaborative effort among representatives from each institution and each will need to commit to setting aside the time for that to happen;

2. That we will need some assistance and that the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington, D.C. offers the kind of program that would be ideal to support this work through a grant that is available next year;

3. That the new Fine Arts Coordinator for SMMUSD is a key person in the development of this program; and

4. That we need to set up a system of communication between the district and the college that is respected as the means to achieving the desirable ends.

With all of this in mind, we are ready to begin what we believe will be a long-term relationship and commitment to the children of Santa Monica and Malibu schools.

Dale Franzen
Santa Monica College
Director, Special Projects
Sue Gee
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
Assistant Superintendent