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May 1, 2010

Video Gallery

SMC on CNN: “CNN Interview of Nursing Professor Williams”
CNN did a wonderful interview with SMC nursing professor Eric Williams, who spoke eloquently about why he applauded the recent historic vote for health care reform in the United States. Check it out.


SMC on YouTube: “SMC Global Citizens for Water Conservation”
Reflecting the SMC Global Council’s water theme for 2009-10, the college’s world dance company presented several water-themed pieces at its December concert, including this piece from China, “Seaweed,” choreographed by Jade Gao.


SMC on YouTube: “The Trials of Dr. Eric Oifer”
Political science professor Eric Oifer has been president of the Academic Senate for more than six months now, but there was a time, not so long ago, that he was a bit apprehensive about taking on such a big job. In this fictional comedic musing, an actor playing Oifer explains the source of his angst. Check it out.


SMC on YouTube: Student Nature Writing at the Beach
Philosophy professor Amber Katherine, who has been a campus leader on issues of global sustainability and, more recently, on the specific issue of water, helped head up a student video project funded by a Metropolitan Water District grant. One of those videos captures the writings and musings of SMC students at the Pico storm drain on Santa Monica beach. Check it out!

SMC on YouTube: Student Writing Collective Goes Public
Three years ago, adjunct English professor Alex Schnitzler started a Student Writing Collective with his basic skills students to explore the art of narrative writing. The resulting student works have been displayed in public places throughout the L.A. area, including busy intersections, bus stops, outdoor malls and more. Check out how this creative approach to writing has had a major impact on students!

SMC on YouTube: SMC Alum & Nobel Laureate Dr. Jeremy Pal
With SMC’s 80th birthday coming up on Sept. 10, it’s a good time to take a look at one of our most illustrious alumni – Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Jeremy Pal – in a TV interview in which he talks about how SMC was a turning point in his life. Check out a this clip!



SMC on YouTube: Recruitment Video Targets Out-of-State Students
Check out this newest recruitment video, targeted to an important market for SMC – out-of-state students, who total about 1,800 at the college. The video was shot and produced completely in-house, with SMC employees and students.


SMC on YouTube: “LA Mode 2009”
If you missed SMC’s student fashion show, “LA Mode 2009,” you missed a high-energy catwalk display choreographed to pulsing contemporary music. But don’t worry: catch highlights of the show on YouTube.


SMC on YouTube: Posthumous A.A. to Dunphy
In an emotional and poignant ceremony, the SMC Board of Trustees last month presented an A.A. degree to family members of Luke Dunphy, an SMC student who was killed in a motorcycle accident last summer and left behind a 5-year-old son. Fox-TV Channel 11 did a great report on the legacy of Luke Dunphy.


SMC on YouTube: UCLA Chancellor Block Speaks to SMC Students
UCLA Chancellor Gene Block was a big hit with SMC students when he came to speak to them in March. Check out a clip from his talk!


SMC on YouTube: CNN Report on SMC Nursing Program
CNN did a live report the morning of March 20 as part of its “Road to Recovery” series highlighting the bright spots in an otherwise dismal economy.
Check it out!


SMC on YouTube: “Don’t Take the Summer Off”
U.S. News & World Report did a video report called “Quick Tip: College Bound? Don’t Take the Summer Off,” in which Kim Clark, senior education writer for the magazine, interviewed SMC Student Outreach Coordinator Esther Hugo. Check it out!


SMC on YouTube: Dance at Santa Monica College
Time Warner Cable’s SoCal News did a segment on dance professor Linda Gold and her students. As the reporter noted in this segment, the dance program is thriving, with more than 1,500 students.


SMC on YouTube: SMC Students Volunteer in South Africa

Students who went on SMC’s Study Abroad Trip to South Africa in January spent one day by helping out on the construction of a facility that will house children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. This video was produced by broadcasting professor Frank Dawson who, along with speech professor Nancy Grass Hemmert, led the trip.


SMC on YouTube: Theatre Arts Reaches Out to Children

Last summer, KNBC-Channel 4 did a report on how SMC’s Theatre Arts Department is reaching out to the younger set with its children’s plays. The report is still timely, as theatre arts professor Terrin Adair talks about her adaptation of “Thumbelina” and her passion for keeping her art form thriving for all generations


SMC on YouTube: Alum Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers

This marks the inauguration of YouTube clips on Missed Information Online! The following is an ESPN 2 report that aired two years ago, but it is still timely in demonstrating how big a difference SMC football coach
Robert Taylor makes in the lives of his players. Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers is one of the top NFL wide receivers, and he got his start at SMC.


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