Measure S

Ballot Language

Shall Santa Monica Community College District increase educational opportunities and raise student achievement; replace or repair deteriorating buildings; construct and equip laboratories, childcare centers and learning resources; meet new needs in emerging technologies; achieve energy savings; improve or acquire real property for fields and instructional use; improve access and availability; reduce costs through potential partnerships; and complete earthquake repairs by issuing, at interest rates within legal limits, $135 million in bonds with citizens' oversight, annual performance and financial audits?

Approved Project List

All $135 million of Bond proceeds will be spent within the Cities of Santa Monica and Malibu or at sites that share a boundary and are contiguous with the Cities of Santa Monica or Malibu.

None of the Bond proceeds can be taken away by the State of California.

All projects funded by bond proceeds will be available for authorized educational and public uses.

The District intends to make the most efficient use of Bond proceeds available as a result of this authorization by, among other things, entering into partnership agreements of various sorts with other public agencies whenever feasible ("Cooperative Agreements"). These public agencies would be expected to contribute real property, planning, site preparation, easements, management or other assets to some of the below-listed Projects that will give taxpayers more for their money. The District has identified a minimum of $70 million of Bond proceeds proposed to be dedicated to capital projects to be done under Cooperative Agreements.

This amount includes no less than $45 million of Bond proceeds proposed to be dedicated for capital Projects to be done under Cooperative Agreements within or adjacent to the city limits of the City of Santa Monica. The District intends to make the most efficient use of Bond proceeds by other means if a partnership agreement for a listed Project is not feasible, in order to assure the District’s ability to achieve the educational and public benefits of this Bond Measure.

This amount also includes no less than $25 million of Bond proceeds to be dedicated for capital Projects to be done under Cooperative Agreements within or adjacent to the city limits of the City of Malibu.

The Project List proposed for financing in whole or in part with the proceeds of the District’s general obligation bonds includes the following capital Projects at any or all District facilities: development and implementation of facilities master plans and related requirements such as environmental impact reports and soils testing; demolition of temporary and/or obsolete facilities; installation and/or upgrading of emergency lighting, fire alarm, and security systems; roadways, walkways, grounds, parking lots and garages, and entrance improvements; signage for safety and public information; modernization and/or construction of new restrooms; financing/refinancing of real property acquisition and improvements; acquiring related furnishings and equipment for all modernization, renovation, improvement, and/or new construction Project components; the relocation and/or acquisition of temporary facilities during the modernization, renovation, improvement and/or new construction of Project components as necessary to maintain educational programs in operation during construction; acquiring and/or refinancing real property for future classrooms, student services, child care and/or other uses; and acquiring land including but not limited to contiguous parcels, making site improvements, building infrastructure and/or constructing additional facilities thereon, for the purpose of expanding instructional programs to meet future educational demands of District students.

Specific Projects (not prioritized) include:

• Replacement or renovation of Health, Fitness, and Physical Education Building.

• Site acquisition and improvements in the District for field space, especially women’s soccer, in order to make available a complete offering of District-provided programs in Health, Fitness, and Physical Education.

• Site acquisition and improvements in Malibu for instructional facility of no more than 25,000 assignable square feet and field space.

• Retrofit existing District fields or other fields available to the District for year-round usage.

• Improvements to provide childcare and an Early Childhood Development lab facility.

• Replacement of earthquake-destroyed tennis courts.

• New Music and Performing Arts Complex to support new University of California admission requirements.

• Upgrades to existing and future District facilities, including Projects done under Cooperative Agreements, for energy efficiency and to meet modern sustainability practices.

• New Career Opportunity Center to support programs in emerging technologies and to compete for State and Federal grants.

• Satellite campus parking facilities and roadway improvements.

Accountability to Community

All bond expenditures are subject to review by a Citizens Oversight Committee which reports to the public, as provided in Education Code Section 15278 et seq.

Bond Proceeds will not be used to purchase residential property.

The District will not unilaterally override City of Santa Monica or City of Malibu land use authority for any Projects done under the Cooperative Agreements within the city limits of the respective city.

The District will involve faculty, staff, and students in curriculum development throughout the life of the bond measure program.

The District will conduct a neighborhood assessment of need as part of the program design of the Career Opportunity Center Project.

The District will conduct a comprehensive assessment of program need prior to making improvements in Malibu for an instructional facility and field space.

The District will provide an opportunity for input from community and neighborhood residents during the development of Projects to be funded by this bond measure.