AGS Member Expectations and Responsibilities

* This summarizes your responsibilities, read it carefully! *

The Club

  • All members are to complete 20 hours of community service, at least 10 of which must be AGS sponsored events. The other 10 may come from AGS approved independent hours that is listed on the AGS website. If you would like to add an independent opportunity, you need to have it approved by the board (Only then will your hours count)
  • All members are required to attend at least 6 general meetings and are expected to remain for the duration of each meeting.
  • Each member is required to participate in at least one AGS committee or two fundraising activities.
  • All members are required to attend at least one social event.
  • All members are to check with the Member’s Area in the AGS website. Each member is solely responsible for checking their own hours.
  • Having an e-mail address and checking it often is crucial, as it is our main mean of communicating with the members.


  • All members can receive a stamp on their attendance card every Thursday morning meeting from 11:15 am to 11:30 am or night meeting from 6:00 pm to 6:10 pm. No stamps will be issued after these times.
  • Each member is solely responsible for their attendance card. If lost, members can only obtain a replacement card for $1.00. Board members are not responsible for reissuing previous stamps.
  • All members are expected to print out their own event sheets and sign-up cards and bring it to the meetings. Due to State Budget cuts, the Board is unable to provide them.


  • All members must remain at their event for the entire duration and make themselves visibly working, to the best of their ability, to the event header. Failure to do so will result in zero hours for that event.
  • Each member is required to meet at the Pearl Bus Stop at least 45 minutes before an event unless otherwise announced. Members are not allowed to meet at the event location.
  • Each member must provide 48-hour notice to the event header if they want to cancel attending an event. Failure to do so will result in a -1 which means one hour will be deducted from the member’s total hours. If three -1s are accumulated on a member’s record, then they will no longer be eligible to receive transcript notation.
  • All members are NOT to e-mail the Hours Secretary if there is a problem with their hours. Instead contact the event header to take care of the problem.
  • All members are expected to complete ALL their requirements before the deadline. No exceptions will be made unless the member had an emergency.
  • All members must represent the spirit of AGS at all events, which means being on your best behavior and helping out as much as you can.
  • All members are expected to have fun and make new friends while making a difference in their community.
  • This is Your Club!!! Your concerns and comments are greatly appreciated. Feel free to talk about it with an officer or attend a board meeting. Also, the Discussion Board on the AGS website ( is there for you to discuss with other members as well as the board. Make use of it!

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