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Welcome to the Commonly Asked Questions and Answers page. Here, new members will be able to find crucial information regarding our club that may have been confusing earlier.

What are the AGS requirements to receive a notation on my transcript?

  • A minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • 20 hours of community service (at least 10 of these being AGS Group Sponsored events)
  • Attend a minimum of 6 meetings
  • Partake in 1 committee or 2 fundraisers
  • Come to a social!
  • Don't miss more than 3 events (for which you're signed up) without timely cancellation

Where do I meet everyone for an event?

Unless specifically mentioned at the meetings, all events will meet at the Pearl Street Bus Stop (opposite the SMC police station). We travel to and from events as a group and carpool to reduce unnecessary driving.

How do I cancel for an event and how much notice must I give?

You can cancel an event by dropping it when you are logged on to your online sign-up. If you do not drop within 24 hours, you will receive a minus 1.

I checked the website for the list of events in which I have participated, but some of them aren't there! What should I do?

Don't panic! You should allow up to two weeks after the event for it to be recorded on the website. With over three hundred members participating in thousands of hours of service, it can sometimes take a while to enter in all the data. If after two weeks your event still isn't recorded, contact the person who led the event and let them know of your situation. The event head will then contact the Hours Secretary.

What is the latest during a meeting that I can arrive and still get my attendance card stamped and what do I do with it when I have attended six meetings?

You must arrive at the meeting no later than fifteen minutes after the start. If you arrive later than fifteen minutes you will not be allowed in, and will not be able to get your card stamped. After your card has been stamped six times you can turn it into a board member.

What happens if I miss an event without canceling?

You will be deducted 1 hour from your hour total. If you miss three events without canceling, you will not receive notation on your transcript.

Do I have to be on a committee and do a fundraiser?

No. If you're on a committee, you need not participate in a fundraiser. We wont hold you back though :)

If I'm not on a committee, how many fundraisers do I have to do?

You must do two fundraising activities to meet club requirements. For example: attend two TV tapings or sell four boxes of See's chocolate. (Note: you can combine fundraising activities, like attend one TV taping and sell 2 boxes of candy.)

Do the hours I spend on a fundraiser count towards my 20 hours of service?

No. The twenty hours of service must come from serving the community, not from raising money for the club.

Can I do independent hours that are not on the Independent Opportunities list?

Yes, but only after you have it approved by the board. If you are doing volunteer work which other AGS members don't have access to (i.e. it's not on the website), then we need to approve of the event first and also promote it for other volunteers to participate in. The event must be approved before you can begin receiving credit. Check the home webpage for board meeting place and time.

If I got the President's Award last semester, can I get it this semester?

No. The President's Award can only be received for community service hours which are earned over two consecutive semesters. For example: If you get the award in a Fall semester, you can't receive another award until the following Fall. You can, however, work towards completing it during the Spring semester.

How many independent hours can count towards the President's Award?

If you do 100 hours, at least 60 must be from AGS Sponsored Events. The remaining 40 hours can come from previously approved independent activities.

Can general members lead an event?

Yes! If you have an event that you think may be fun for the club to participate in, contact an officer with the details so that it can be put on the agenda.

Can I get partial credit if I go to half of an event, but I have to leave early?

No. When you sign up for an event, you are committed to being there the whole time. The people that we are helping usually specify for how long they need us and how many people they need, so if you leave early, the people we're trying to help will suffer!

If the event is already full, can I try to go to PBS and crash the event anyway?

You are allowed to go to PBS and crash. However, there is a risk involved with this. For example, if PBS is 5:00 you could go to PBS and find there is no space. If this case, you would have woken up and gone to PBS for nothing.

Will I always receive a courtesy phone call the night before an event to remind me?

No. Sometimes, when thirty or forty people sign up for an event, it becomes very difficult to contact them all. Remember: It is your responsibility to attend events for which you sign up!

Last updated November 8, 2010

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