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This computer lab takes signups all year from SMC students who want to compete for a part-time job the next time there is a vacancy. Most vacancies occur in July (with the job for new employees starting in late August or early September), but vacancies may occur during any month of the year.

Most computer lab assistants are assigned to work about six hours weekly (earning $10.50 an hour). New lab assistants are sometimes assigned fewer work hours, until they demonstrate that they've mastered the training they receive as a new employee.

The job is very popular so there are usually more applicants than available positions. Applicants compete for a possible job interview by taking a skills test first. It takes two hours.

The top scorers from the skills test are invited to a job interview, when:

  1. there are job openings, and
  2. the test results demonstrate the required standard of competence, and
  3. the applicant is available during hours that the lab needs to have employees on duty.

A lab supervisor then decides whether to offer any of those interviewed a job.

All applicants are required to have a BOG enrollment fee waiver from SMC's Financial Aid Office. Unfortunately, financial aid is not available to international students studying in the United States, so the lab is not able to hire international students. The lab does not hire under SMC's department-funded "Student Help" program.

The lab pays its employees with SMC-awarded "Federal Work-Study" financial aid (abbreviated as FWS). If an applicant's Financial Aid page in Corsair Connect already lists Federal Work-Study, great! If not, an applicant with either a Federal Pell Grant or a BOG enrollment fee waiver can probably receive an FWS award and become eligible for hire. It's easiest to get a BOG enrollment fee waiver so that's all that is required before taking the skills test.

Here are the general duties of computer lab assistants in the Cayton Center:

1. Communicate both verbally and in writing clearly, accurately, and professionally while helping students use software and hardware owned by the College. Most questions to lab staff are about Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel, Firefox, Google Chrome, Google Apps, e-mail, the SMC website, wireless connections, or printing.

2. Explain the benefits of Associated Students membership to other students.

3. Monitor and control the lines of students waiting for computers. (This requires the ability to read handwritten names and speak loudly and clearly.)

4. Enforce the rules of the College and the computer labs by following standard procedures when dealing with people who break the rules. (Checking for compliance requires the ability to move from one end of the lab to the other at least once every fifteen minutes.)

5. Clean lab equipment and furniture. (Vacuum, wash, etc.)

6. Clear printer paper jams, and load paper in the printers. (This requires the ability to occasionally lift paper boxes that weigh 30 pounds.)

7. Report in writing any problems with lab users, hardware, software, or facilities.

8. Give directions to people trying to find their way around college facilities.

9. Complete special work projects and training as assigned. (The ability to touch-type is a desirable skill.)

10. Provide short-term support or coverage in other computer labs as needed.

 If you want to be invited to take a test (the next time one is given), you must sign up online:
  >> SIGN UP HERE <<

Anyone offered an SMC job must have a photo identification card issued by a state or the U.S. government, because this is required for all college employees. (If you don't have one, arrange to get one now!) Bring this ID with you to the test.

Anyone offered an SMC job must have a Social Security card issued by the Social Security Administration. (If you don't have one, contact Social Security now!) Do not bring your social security card with you to the test. You won't need it yet.

If you are interested in other student jobs at SMC, please check those listings.

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