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One of the most popular jobs on campus is working as a Computer Lab Assistant. You may sign up for information about future job opportunities if you are a currently enrolled SMC student with a BOG enrollment fee waiver and have filed a complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the SMC Office of Financial Aid.

If you are interested in other student jobs at SMC, please check those listings.

The lab's computers and printers are restricted to students enrolled in current semester SMC classes who have agreed to pay the semester's optional $19.50 Associated Students (A.S.) membership fee. Lab staff can help non-members of the Associated Students with various problems related to SMC technology, such as forgotten passwords.


The Associated Students Computer Lab is located in Cayton Center Room 209, on the second floor. This is the cafeteria building.


The lab has 92 student computers, all running the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, with high speed Internet access.



Students must obey lab rules (displayed upon log-in), the SMC Student Conduct Policy, and the SMC Computer Use policy and administrative regulation in order to use the lab. Lab privileges are temporarily suspended or otherwise restricted immediately after a violation.



Any files left on the computer hard disks are automatically erased at logout.

Students should bring a USB flash drive or other USB media in order to save their files every so often. (Suggestion: put a label on the flash drive and write your name on the label.)

The lab does not have floppy disk drives or ZIP drives. The CD/DVD drives will write CDRW disks but not DVD. It takes several minutes to write a file to a CDRW or CD-R disk, so almost nobody does it.

Students may also use Google Docs or attach documents to an e-mail and send the email to themselves.


Lab hours are subject to change without notice, but these are the normal hours:

    Fall Semester, Spring Semester,
and Summer 6-week Session
Last 2 weeks of Summer Session
(Late July and early August)


Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. closed  


Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. closed  
  Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. closed  
  Sunday closed closed  
  any day no classes are being held (breaks, holidays, etc.) closed closed  

There are other SMC computer labs.


The lab is closed on all college holidays, between semesters, and on any day when no classes are being held:


Software includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Most class data files are distributed through Canvas. However, backup data files for some classes are also stored on computers (servers) on campus. The servers are only accessible inside the college's labs or through the wireless network.


The lab has one printer that prints in color and others that print only in black-and-white.  Each Associated Students member starts every semester with a printing credit of $15. Ten cents is deducted for each single-sided black-and-white page printed. Fifteen cents is deducted for each double-sided page printed.  (That's a 25% discount for printing double-sided.) Forty-five cents is deducted for a single-sided color page. Ninety cents is deducted for a double-sided color page. (There's no discount for printing double-sided color pages, because color toner is so expensive.)

Unused A.S. printing credit does not roll over from one semester to the next. Every semester starts with $15.

When an A.S. member's print credit reaches zero, the member may print in another college lab using the SMC pay-for-print system. The SMC pay-for-print system in the other labs requires real money and prices each page higher than the Cayton Lab does.  

The printers, paper, and toner are purchased by the Associated Students, pursuant to a written agreement between the College and the Associated Students.



Trained student lab assistants and a professional instructional specialist are available to provide limited technical support within the lab, for software and hardware owned by the college and installed in the lab (except wireless access). This assistance is available to all currently enrolled SMC students, whether the student is a member of the Associated Students or not.

Lab Specialist (days):                         Lee Peterson
Lab Specialist (nights):                       Ramon Salcedo


All technical support is provided in person in the lab, during normal lab hours. No technical support is provided over the telephone or via e-mail. Technical support is limited to software and hardware owned by the college and installed in the lab.

The lab is not able to provide technical support for equipment owned by students. Please seek information about personally-owned equipment from the manufacturer, a private computer repair company, or books or magazines.


The lab does not provide support for college wireless connections. The wireless system is administered by another department, which does not provide user support.

Wireless access instructions are online, published by the SMC Library. Limited technical support for SMC wireless access is provided by the SMC Library staff through online links at the end of the instructions. The Associated Students Computer Lab staff does not provide one-on-one support for wireless access.

Students enrolled for the current semester may log on to the SMC wi-fi network with an SMC computer network username and password. Usernames and passwords may be obtained in any SMC computer lab. It's a good idea for students to verify that they can log on using a lab computer before trying to log on using their personal laptop computer and the wireless system.

Main campus major hot spots are:

Printing is not available through the wi-fi system. Students usually print in computer labs or at home after transferring files by using flash drives, e-mail attachments, or Google Docs.



Comments are welcome. Student feedback is helpful. Ask the lab assistants in the Cayton 209 for a paper comment form for suggestions, complaints, or just general comments. The lab assistants can also provide an email address if you prefer to send an email.


Last update: 02/09/17   



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