Fees & Tuition

IMPORTANT: All fees are subject to change without notice. Fees published in this catalog were current at the time the catalog went to press.

The California residency status of students determines whether they are required to pay tuition in addition to enrollment and other fees. See the College Policies, Rules, and Regulations section of this catalog for details on residency.

Enrollment Fee

All students—both resident and nonresident—enrolling in credit or graded classes must pay a State-mandated enrollment fee of $46 per unit (subject to change without notice). Students who are California residents may be exempt from paying enrollment fees and Health Services fees if they file a BOG Fee Waiver application with the Financial Aid Office and can document that they are recipients of CalWORKs/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF, formerly AFDC), Social Security Income (SSI) or General Relief (GR). For more information about fee waivers and their eligibility requirements, contact the Financial Aid Office before starting enrollment procedures.

Nonresident Tuition

Students classified as nonresidents must pay tuition in addition to enrollment fees. Tuition for students who are not classified as California residents is $269 per semester unit. Tuition is $239 per semester unit for other students classified as nonresidents eligible for AB 947 exemptions. PLEASE NOTE: All fees are subject to change without notice. For a breakdown of tuition and fees for a typical semester at SMC, see the International Students section above. For information about deadlines for paying all fees, the definition of legal residence, nonresident reclassification, or tuition refund policies, see the College Policies, Rules, and Regulations section of this catalog, check the SMC website (www.smc.edu), or contact the residence clerk in the Admissions Office. To find current deadline dates for paying all fees or receiving refunds, see your class schedule at the “Corsair Connect” link at the SMC website (www.smc.edu) or consult the College Policies section of the Schedule of Classes.

Student ID Card, Activities, & Health Services Fees

All students—both resident and nonresident—in credit or graded classes pay a $50.50 fee during the Fall and Spring semesters ($47.50 during Winter and Summer sessions). The fee includes $18 ($15 in Winter and Summer) for Health Services, $13 for the SMC student ID card, and $19.50 for Associated Students membership. The Health Services fee is mandatory. The fees for the SMC student ID card and for Associated Students membership are optional, but both provide special benefits.

The SMC student ID card is a photo ID that offers a convenient way to speed up checking out books and materials from the Library and the campus tutoring labs and learning resource centers. Students who pay all of the fees (including Associated Students membership) can ride “Any Line, Any Time” for FREE on the Big Blue Bus by “activating” their student ID card at the Bursar’s Office, Admissions Office, and other campus locations (check the Schedule of Classes for specific details).

The Associated Students (AS) membership fee supports more than 60 student clubs, along with student scholarships, a number of special events at SMC, and a variety of other activities that foster academic achievement, social interaction, and community involvement. AS membership also provides discounts on tickets purchased at the SMC Events office for selected movies, theme parks, and music, dance, and theater performances. Students who do not wish to pay the fees for the SMC student ID card and/or Associated Students membership should see the Admissions Office at time of enrollment.

On-Campus & SATELLITE CAMPUS Parking Decals

To use the on-campus parking facilities at SMC’s main campus, a student is required to purchase a parking decal. Funds from parking decal fees are used to maintain and improve the parking facilities. Parking decal fees vary according to the time of year, and discounts are available for students who receive a BOG A Fee Waiver because they or their family receive benefits under CalWORKs/Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) or SSI/SSP (Supplemental Security Income) or General Assistance/General Relief.

Parking at an SMC satellite campus—Airport Arts, Bundy, or the Performing Arts Center (note that the Academy of Entertainment & Technology is closed for construction)—is FREE for students attending classes there, but requires a decal.

Parking at the satellite campuses and the shuttle lot is FREE for SMC students, but requires a decal. Student parking decals are NOT valid for faculty/staff parking areas.

Inter-campus shuttle service is FREE. In addition, SMC students who have paid their fees and “activated” their current student ID card can ride ANY Big Blue Bus ANY time for FREE!

Please see the information at www.smc.edu/transportation or consult the Schedule of Classes for up-to-date information on parking decal requirements and fees, instructions on how to obtain a parking decal in person or online, inter-campus shuttle information, and links to commuter bus schedules and route maps.


For specific details about refunds of enrollment, tuition, or other fees (including fees for on-campus parking decals), please see the College Policies, Rules, and Regulations section of this catalog. For current refund deadline dates, go to the “Corsair Connect” link at the SMC website (www.smc.edu) and see the class schedule, or consult the College Policies section of the Schedule of Classes.

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