Admission Information


Any person who has graduated from high school, or who is 18 years of age or older, may be admitted to Santa Monica College if he or she can profit from the program.

Students 16 or 17 years of age may also be admitted to Santa Monica College if they have passed the California High School Proficiency Examination and present the “Student Score Report” or a certificate of proficiency when they apply for admission.

Please see the College Policies, Rules, and Regulations section of this catalog for important details regarding California residency requirements and how they apply to students attending Santa Monica College.

Applying for Admission

A student who has never attended Santa Monica College (New Student) or has been away from SMC for two or more consecutive semesters (Returning Student) must file an application for admission. The application—available online at (click on “New Students Apply Online”)—provides the College with information that satisfies State registration requirements and initiates the educational planning process. New students are strongly encouraged to arrange for official transcripts from the most recent school or college they have attended to be sent directly to the SMC Admissions Office. New students are also required to complete the assessment process for English (or ESL) and math. Transcripts from previous schools and assessment results will be used by counselors to create an Educational Plan for students and to assist them in scheduling classes.

A student who has attended SMC within the past two semesters (Continuing Student) does not need to reapply for admission.

High School Concurrent Program

Students still in high school—on the recommendation of their high school’s principal—may attend Santa Monica College and receive credit for SMC courses. For further information, call the Admissions Office at (310) 434-4240.

Former SMC Students

Students in good standing: Former SMC students who were in good standing at the time they left the College and have been away for two or more consecutive semesters must follow the same admission procedures that new students do.

Disqualified students: Students who have been disqualified (dismissed) from Santa Monica College for poor academic performance or unsatisfactory progress and who have been away from SMC for one semester or less must file a “Disqualified Student Petition for Reinstatement to Probationary Status,” which can be accessed online through the Transfer/Counseling webpage at (click on the “Probation and Disqualification Policies” link), and then meet in person with a counselor. The counselor will determine whether reinstatement is possible and what conditions the student must meet in order to enroll at SMC.

Disqualified students who have been away from SMC for two consecutive semesters (one year) or longer must file both an SMC Admission Application and a Petition for Readmission. Students may file both of these online by going to and clicking on “New Students Apply Online,” then following the instructions provided there; or if they prefer to file these forms in person, they must submit the readmission petition to the Transfer/Counseling Center and fill out and submit the admission application online. Students must also arrange for all transcripts (official or unofficial) to be sent to the Transfer/Counseling Center, ATTN: Readmission Committee, Santa Monica College, 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405. The Readmission Committee will email its decision on a student’s request for readmission—along with any further instructions— to the student’s SMC email account.

Students who have been disqualified from SMC more than once will be asked to take a break from attending SMC for up to a maximum of one year.

For information on other requirements for disqualified students seeking reinstatement, see the College Policies, Rules, and Regulations section of this catalog, or contact the Transfer/Counseling Center.

SMC’s International Education Center welcomes applications from international students who wish to attend Santa Monica College. More than 3,200 international students from more than 100 countries are currently enrolled at the College. SMC offers a number of distinct advantages to international students beginning their university education in the United States. As the leading community college in California, Santa Monica College transfers the most students to the University of California system. SMC also offers a lower tuition cost than many other colleges and universities offering comparable educational programs. Finally, SMC provides a highly accessible and supportive learning environment.

The College defines an “international student” as a student who is admitted to the United States with an F-1 student visa to attend SMC. Students in F-1 status from other schools may enroll at SMC on a limited basis. Please consult with the International Education Center for more information. Students with other types of visas (not F-1) may enroll through the Admissions Office. Students who are currently on a B visa are not permitted to enroll until they have changed to F-1 or another status with education privileges.

To be accepted at SMC, an international student must:

   •   Be at least 18 years old by the first day of classes;

   •   Provide proof of English proficiency (for a list of tests and other ways to prove proficiency, go to and click on the “International Students” link);

   •   Submit a completed International Student Application for Admission to SMC;

   •   Submit a 500-word autobiographical essay describing the student’s reasons for applying to SMC;

   •   Submit a financial statement proving ability to meet educational expenses of being a student (minimum $26,000); and

   •   Submit official transcripts and a nonrefundable application fee. Transferability of coursework from other institutions will be reviewed after a student has been admitted to Santa Monica College.

A letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, professor, or employer is highly recommended. Students who do not have the required English proficiency are encouraged to apply to SMC’s Intensive English Program.

International Students

The International Student Application for Admission to SMC may be downloaded from the International Education Center’s website ( Applications are also available at the International Education Center, and may be requested by calling (310) 434-4217, sending a fax to (310) 434-3651, or mailing a request to the International Education Center, Santa Monica College, 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405-1628.

All international students accepted at Santa Monica College MUST enroll in AND complete a course load of twelve (12) or more units in the Fall and Spring semesters in order to maintain their F-1 visa status. Summer and Winter sessions are optional for continuing students. International students who choose to begin their studies during a Summer or Winter session must enroll in and complete a minimum of four (4) units during that first session. In addition, international students must take Counseling 11 (Orientation to Higher Education for International Students) during their first semester at SMC, and may be required to take special English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Please note: F-1 students may enroll in no more than one online class during a semester.

The cost of tuition and fees is approximately $9,000 a year (Spring and Fall semesters). For living expenses, it is estimated that students will need an additional $17,500.

IMPORTANT: Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Below is a breakdown of tuition and fees for each semester, calculated at the time this catalog went to press:

Nonresident tuition   $23,228 ($269 per unit x 12 units)

Enrollment fee   $552 ($46 per unit x 12 units; subject to change)

Medical insurance   $558 (for 6 months)

Other student fees (Student ID card, Associated Student membership, Health Services fee)   $50.50

Total per semester   $4,388.50

Total per academic year   $4,388.50 x 2 semesters = $8,777 (fees subject to change)

All students accepted for admission must participate in an information seminar before the semester begins and undergo assessment of their English/ESL and math skills to determine the most appropriate English and math class for placement. Students must also participate in a group counseling session. Students whose English skills are below university level are placed in academic ESL classes while they are taking other courses, such as mathematics and computer science.


Santa Monica College is approved as an institution for higher learning for veterans and veterans’ dependents entitled to educational assistance from the Veterans Administration (VA). The College cooperates with the VA in helping veterans. Veterans are urged to take advantage of the many student support services and educational programs offered by Santa Monica College. SMC offers academic, career, and transfer counseling, as well as priority enrollment, tutoring, and other services to support veterans in achieving their educational goals.

To receive VA educational benefits, students must be determined to qualify for benefits by the Veterans Administration.

Students receiving VA educational benefits should see the Veterans’ Counselor before enrolling in any classes.

To secure full VA educational assistance benefits under Title 38, United States Code, students must comply with Veteran Regulations Section 21.4135, 21.4235, and 21.4277 regarding the attendance and progress requirements they must meet. For example, VA regulations not only require students receiving VA educational benefits to meet the same academic standards as all other students at SMC, but also place certain restrictions on those students. Students who fail to achieve a semester grade point average of 2.0 will be placed on academic probation. After two semesters on academic probation, students may lose their VA educational benefits. For additional details about benefits under Chapters 33 and 35 of the GI Bill, please visit the Veterans Resource Center or see the VA website (

Information on the services the Veterans’ Resource Center offers can be found in the Programs & Services section of this catalog, in the Campus Services section of the Schedule of Classes, and online at the Veterans’ Resource Center website (

Students with Disabilities

Printed SMC materials are available in alternate media upon request. To request publications in alternate formats for disability accommodation, send e-mail to or call (310) 434-4265. The information contained in this catalog is also available online (go to

Students who wish to use the specialized counseling services provided through the Center for Students with Disabilities should call (310) 434-4265 before they start admission procedures. The video phone number is (866) 957-1809.

Information on the services the Center for Students with Disabilities offers can be found in the Programs & Services section of this catalog, in the Campus Services section of the Schedule of Classes, and online at the Center for Students with Disabilities website (

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