Graduation Requirements

Santa Monica College grants the Associate degree to students who have successfully completed sixty (60) degree-applicable units—consisting of courses that meet State and local general education (GE) requirements, courses that fulfill requirements for a major, and elective courses—with a cumulative degree-applicable grade point average of C (2.0) or higher. In order to graduate from Santa Monica College, students who have studied elsewhere must enroll in and successfully complete a minimum of twelve (12) units at SMC, and have official transcripts from all other institutions attended on file at SMC. Official transcripts must be mailed directly to the SMC Admissions Office by the other institutions. All college-level work (except basic skills and some religion courses) taken at regionally accredited two-year colleges (including Santa Monica College) and in the lower division of regionally accredited four-year colleges is counted when calculating the cumulative degree-applicable GPA and the sixty (60) degree-applicable units. At least 50% of the required major units must be completed at Santa Monica College. Upper division, graduate, and professional courses from regionally accredited colleges will be applied toward the Associate degree as needed. Please see for details.

Students planning to graduate should first make an appointment to meet with a counselor to verify that they are eligible for graduation. Students must file a Petition for Graduation with the Admissions Office during the academic term in which they plan to complete requirements for graduation. Filing periods are:

   •   For Spring semester graduation—Start of Spring semester through April 30

   •   For Summer session graduation—Start of Summer session through July 31

   •   For Fall semester graduation—Start of Fall semester through December 1

Students who will complete their requirements for graduation during a Winter session will graduate the following Spring. The Petition for Graduation form is available online at (click on the “Graduation Petition” link). Petitions are also available in the Admissions Office during the filing periods.

Honors at graduation will be awarded to students who have a cumulative degree-applicable grade point average of 3.0 or higher (including degree-applicable coursework completed at other regionally accredited colleges), who have completed a minimum of 12 units of coursework at SMC, and who are in good standing at the time they graduate. See “Honors & Awards” in the Special Programs and Support Services section of this catalog for details.

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