Policy on Fees


IMPORTANT: All fees are subject to change without notice. Fees published in this catalog were current at the time the catalog went to press.

Enrollment Fee

The state-mandated student enrollment fee is $46 per unit. The fee is subject to change without notice.

Nonresident Tuition Fee

All students enrolled in a California Community College are classified either as residents or as nonresidents. Students classified as California residents do NOT pay tuition. Students classified as NONresidents (including students who are citizens of a foreign country and hold only temporary resident status in the United States) are REQUIRED to pay tuition in addition to enrollment and other fees. Tuition for nonresidents is $249 per semester unit (with $46 enrollment fee, total is $295 per semester unit). Tuition for for students who qualify for an Assembly Bill 947 exemption is $230 per semester unit (with $46 enrollment fee, total is $276 per semester unit). The mandatory tuition is subject to change without notice.See the residency requirements atwww.smc.edu/admissions/residency.htm or contact the residence clerk in the Admissions Office for AB 947 exemption details.

Health Services Fee

The mandatory fee of $18 during the Fall and Spring semesters ($15 during Winter and Summer sessions) provides a variety of health services to students. See the “Health Services Center” listing in the Programs & Services section of this catalog for details. Students who are exempt from paying the Health Services fee are:

   •   Students enrolled exclusively in noncredit or not-for-credit courses, or enrolled exclusively in online courses, and

   •   Students who declare through a personally-signed statement that they depend exclusively on prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bonafide religious sect (documentation of such an affiliation is required).

Students who are eligible for financial aid through the Financial Aid Office and who need assistance to pay this fee should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Student ID Card & Associated Students Fee

The optional $32.50 fee includes a fee of $13 that covers the cost of the SMC student ID card, and an Associated Students membership fee of $19.50 that funds activities and services (including the free “Any Line, Any Time” rides on the Big Blue Bus) for SMC’s entire student body. See the Programs & Services section of this catalog for details on the range of benefits the SMC student ID card and AS membership provide. Both fees are optional. Students who do not wish to pay one or both of these fees should contact the Admissions Office or Bursar’s Office at time of enrollment.

Materials and Supplies Fees

Some classes require additional fees for materials and supplies. Students should consult the class listings in the Schedule of Classes to determine whether any such fees are required. Fees for materials and supplies are not refundable.

On-Campus Parking Decal Fee

Students who wish to use the on-campus parking facilities at SMC’s main campus must purchase a parking decal. Parking is FREE at satellite campuses and the shuttle lot, but a decal is required (see www.smc.edu/transportation for details). Fees for main campus parking decals vary, and discounts are available for students who receive a BOG A Fee Waiver because they or their family receive benefits under CalWORKs/Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), SSI/SSP (Supplemental Security Income), or General Assistance/General Relief. Parking decal fees are subject to change without notice. For current details, please see the information at www.smc.edu/transportation or consult the College Policies section of the Schedule of Classes.

Returned Payments/Outstanding Balances

Returned checks and rejected credit card payments are subject to a fee of up to $25 and are taken care of at the Auxiliary Services Office, located at 1738 Pearl St. An administrative hold will be placed on a student’s records until the matter is resolved. A student who leaves SMC owing a balance and does not pay the amount owed will be responsible for paying all collection costs and/or attorney’s fees. This debt may also be reported to all three major credit bureaus.

Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Enrollment Fee

No refunds of enrollment fees are available to students who withdraw after the posted refund deadlines. Each class has its own refund and drop deadlines, which are posted on each student’s class schedule at Corsair Connect. Students who withdraw prior to this deadline will receive a 100% refund of enrollment fees, minus a processing charge of $10. See the Admissions Office webpage at www.smc.edu/admissions (click on the “Fees” link) for more information on withdrawal refunds.

Nonresident Tuition

Nonresident students who withdraw from Santa Monica College before the published refund deadline will receive a 100% refund of their nonresident tuition, minus any relevant processing fees. Students should apply for tuition refunds at the Bursar’s Office.

Health Services, Student ID Card, & Activities Fees

Students who withdraw from Santa Monica College before the published refund deadline will receive a 100% refund of the $18 Health Services fee for Fall or Spring semesters ($15 for Winter or Summer sessions); however, the $13 SMC student ID card fee and $4.50 of the AS membership fee are nonrefundable.

On-Campus Parking Decal Fee

Parking decal fees are not refundable after the first 10% of the term. To obtain the refund, a student must present the parking decal and the receipt for it at the Bursar’s Office.

Books & Materials

The Federal Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires Santa Monica College to provide students with the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), retail price, and/or other information (subject to change) about the required or recommended textbooks and supplemental materials for each course offered at SMC. Please go to bookstore.smc.edu and click on “Buy Textbooks” for details. For other book-related information—including dates for book buybacks—please visit the SMC Bookstore website (www.smc.edu/bookstore).

Federal Tax Credit

Selected educational expenses may be deducted from federal income taxes by qualifying students. As required by federal tax credit legislation, Santa Monica College will mail each registered student a copy of IRS verification form 1098T (Tuition Statement) each year. This information is also reported to the IRS. Students should be sure to have their correct Social Security number on file in the Admissions Office for the sake of accurate reporting to the IRS. Students should check with their tax preparer to determine whether they are eligible to take advantage of this tax credit and the amount they may deduct from their federal and/or state taxes.

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