Programs & Services

Academy of Entertainment & Technology
1660 Stewart St., Santa Monica   (310) 434-3700
Fax (310) 434-3768
E-mail (General Info):

The Academy of Entertainment & Technology—an SMC satellite campus in the heart of the Westside’s entertainment production district—was launched in 1997 in collaboration with entertainment industry employers to provide students with a comprehensive, well-rounded education that prepares them to be professionals in rapidly evolving media fields.

AET is home to the Entertainment Technology program, designed to meet the industry’s need for creative professionals who excel in developing ideas and have the technical proficiency to execute them. Our instructors are experienced media professionals who bring first-hand knowledge of industry practices to the classroom and work in close collaboration with industry advisors to keep up with trends and changing requirements. In addition, participating companies often provide guest speakers and student internships.

The Entertainment Technology program offers comprehensive certificates of achievement and Associate degrees in Animation and Digital Media. The major coursework for the Animation degree/certificate combines a strong foundation in story and traditional animation with hands-on experience in digital animation pre-production and production processes. The Digital Media degree/certificate emphasizes the design and implementation of digital audio and video media for the entertainment industry. In addition, the Entertainment Technology program offers a number of department certificates in various aspects of the entertainment industry, including Game Design (the design and implementation of interactive media for the game industry), and Digital Effects (the production and project management processes for creating digital effects for the entertainment industry).

Selected Entertainment Technology courses are offered online through SMC’s Distance Education program (see for details).

The Graphic Design and Interior Architectural Design programs are also located at AET. Collectively, these programs comprise the Design Technology department, generating a creative environment for students in the respective programs. (See the Major Requirements and the Course Descriptions sections of this catalog for further details on the Graphic Design and Interior Architectural Design programs).

To find out more about the Academy of Entertainment & Technology and our programs, please visit our website. You may also send an email to or give us a call at (310) 434-3700.

Adelante Program/Latino Center
Counseling Complex (Latino Center)   (310) 434-4459

The Latino Center’s Adelante Program is a success-oriented program focusing on academic achievement, transfer, cultural awareness, and personal growth. The program offers courses each semester in various subjects—including English, math, and the social sciences—and courses are structured to include Latino perspectives and contributions to the subject at hand. Adelante courses highlight the Latino culture and experience and emphasize the verbal, written, and critical thinking skills essential to college success. Most Adelante courses transfer to the UC and CSU systems.

To help students stay on track as they work toward their educational goals, the Adelante Program offers a support network that includes one-on-one bilingual counseling and opportunities to develop supportive relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students. Other benefits the program provides include:

   •   Priority enrollment in Adelante classes;

   •   Ongoing follow-up and contact with academic counselors and counseling aides;

   •   Free tutoring in math and English;

   •   Participation in classes with a large Latino enrollment;

   •   Being part of a network of Latino students and faculty;

   •   Experienced faculty interested in promoting Latino student success; and

   •   Eligibility for specially designated Latino Center Scholarships.

To join the Adelante Program, students must attend an information session. For more information, please visit the Adelante Program website or call the Latino Center.

African American Collegian Center/Black Collegians Program
Counseling Complex   (310) 434-4232

The African American Collegian Center has the mission of promoting, encouraging, and increasing student academic achievement, retention, transfer admission, and graduation. The center’s counseling staff, aides, and office assistants are available to assist students in finding the resources they need to succeed in achieving their educational and personal goals. At the African American Collegian Center, students can learn about campus and community activities and resources, and find comprehensive support services that enhance their educational experience, including:

   •   Academic, vocational, career, and personal counseling;

   •   Access to computers; and

   •   Tutoring in English and math.

The African American Collegian Center also coordinates the Black Collegians Program, which offers a variety of mentoring and support services that promote academic excellence and guide students through the transfer process. The Black Collegians Program also offers courses that have a multicultural focus and are taught by outstanding faculty.

For more information, please visit the Black Collegians Program website (, or drop by the African American Collegian Center.

Air Force ROTC

Program Overview
Loyola Marymount University AFROTC   (310) 338-2770      Fax (310) 338-7734
   Air Force ROTC Detachment 040
   University Hall
   One LMU Drive, Suite 3110
   Los Angeles, CA 90045-8240

UCLA AFROTC    (310) 825-1742        Fax (310) 825-3055
   Air Force ROTC Detachment 055
   220 Westwood Plaza
   Student Activities Center Suite 214
   Los Angeles, CA 90095-1611

Santa Monica College students interested in obtaining a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force may begin the process by participating in the first two years of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) program through arrangements with Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Requirements to receive a commission include—but are not limited to—completing AFROTC classes for freshmen and sophomores, transferring to a four-year college or university, and earning a bachelor’s degree.

Academic hours earned in AFROTC classes can usually be counted as elective credit toward graduation.

AFROTC offers a variety of two- and three-year scholarships, many of which pay full tuition and fees. AFROTC cadets on scholarship also receive a tax-free monthly stipend. For more information, please visit any of the AFROTC websites listed above, or call or send an email or a fax to either of the AFROTC detachments listed.

Art Gallery
Information   (310) 434-8204
1310 11th St., 1st Floor, Santa Monica    (310) 434-3434

The SMC Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery features exhibits of the best in contemporary art by local, national, and international artists, and hosts SMC’s annual student and faculty art shows. Each exhibit has an opening reception where artists, students, and members of the community can gather to enjoy and exchange ideas on the works presented. For details on upcoming art exhibitions, opening receptions, and other activities, please call the Gallery, visit our webpage, or browse the SMC Events webpage ( and click on the “Art Gallery” link.

Associated Students
Student Life Office: Cayton Center 202    (310) 434-4250
Fax (310) 434-4263

Associated Students (AS)—the student-directed organization of the SMC student body and its elected or appointed student officers—promote the intellectual, social, and cultural welfare of students through proper, effective government. Students participating in AS Government gain first-hand experience with the governing process and build management and leadership skills.

AS membership fees support a rich program of extracurricular activities—including more than 60 student clubs—to foster academic achievement, social interaction, and community involvement.

The Student Life Office is the hub of all AS activities. The AS Board of Directors, other AS officers, Inter-Club Council (ICC), Associate Dean of Student Life, and student activities staff can all be found there, along with information on AS and club activities, use of campus public areas, campus student publicity, and other details.

Associated Students Government

Students may participate in AS Government as elected officers serving one-year terms on the AS Board of Directors or as the Student Trustee. Students may also volunteer as AS Commissioners appointed by the Board of Directors to help carry out directors’ goals and serve on committees.

Students elected to AS Government can represent the interests of their fellow students in how SMC operates, including instructional support systems, student services, financial support services, and planning. SMC’s Board of Trustees grants and defines AS Government’s legislative and fiscal authority.

Students in AS Government must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in at least eight units per semester. For details, see the Associated Students website or ask the Student Life Office for information.

Associated Students Membership

AS membership is optional. Students who choose to pay the AS membership fee each semester not only enrich campus life with concerts, guest speakers, student clubs, and special events—and support SMC’s transportation initiative—but also enjoy special privileges and benefits such as:

   •   Priority use of the Cayton Associated Students Computer Lab;

   •   Student club membership and support to start a club;

   •   Leadership opportunities (elected or appointed);

   •   Discounts on selected movie and theme park tickets sold through the SMC Events Office; and

   •   Much more!

For all the details, visit the Associated Students website or ask the Student Life Office for information.

Pavilion, 2nd Floor   (310) 434-4310

Santa Monica College has a proud tradition of championship teams and student-athlete alumni who have gone on to successful careers at the four-year college and professional team levels. SMC is a member of the California Community College Commission on Athletics and competes against many local colleges in the Western State Conference. The College sponsors a broad-based athletics program of 8 men’s and 9 women’s teams that have accumulated over 50 conference championship titles. Men’s teams include: Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field, Volleyball, and Water Polo. Women’s teams include: Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, and Water Polo.

Santa Monica College provides an excellent environment to begin your journey into higher education and compete at a high level in your chosen sport. The coaching staff, academic counselors, and administration are committed to assisting student athletes to excel both in the classroom and on the field of play.

Black Collegians Program
Counseling Complex
(African American Collegian Center)    (310) 434-4232

The Black Collegians Program is an academic-transfer program that promotes academic excellence and guides African American students and students of African descent through the transfer process. Students are assisted in examining their options for transfer and in completing an educational plan that will lead to transferring to the institution of their choice. The program works with students to help them become academically competitive and enable them to set and achieve educational goals and understand their personal relationship to the greater community.

Some of the special benefits that students receive from the Black Collegians Program include a personal counselor who will support and guide students throughout their stay at SMC; a special “College Success” course that will help students strengthen skills to enhance academic success; innovative academic and personal growth forums; a mentor who will advise and direct; access to a network of supportive peers, teachers, and staff members; and scholarships for qualified students. The program also provides special sections of classes with curriculum designed to enhance awareness of the contributions that people of African descent have made to the global society. At the end of each academic year, students are recognized for their scholarly achievement. To inquire about becoming involved in the program, please visit the Black Collegians website, or call or drop by the African American Collegian Center.

Main (next to Student Center)    (310) 434-4258
Academy (AET) 133    (310) 434-3750
Airport Arts 123A    (310) 434-4637
Bundy (next to main entrance)    (310) 434-3480
Performing Arts Center 105    (310) 434-3482

The SMC Bookstore sells new and used textbooks, school and office supplies, campus sweat- and T-shirts, and art and drafting materials. The Bookstore also stocks class schedules and the SMC catalog (which is updated annually).

The Bookstore provides the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), retail price, and/or other information (subject to change) about the required or recommended textbooks and supplemental materials for each course offered at SMC. Please go to and click on “Buy Textbooks” for details.

Students with disabilities may find some areas of the Bookstore inaccessible—please request assistance. A current booklist for classes is available through the Center for Students with Disabilities.

The Online Bookstore (go to and click on the “Online Bookstore” link) offers some especially convenient features. Students can browse through a catalog of items or search for a specific title, make purchases on the spot, and have their order shipped directly to their home.

For up-to-date details on Bookstore hours, refund and buyback policies, or other information, please visit the Bookstore’s webpage or call.

Campus Police Services

1718 Pearl St., Santa Monica    (310) 434-4608
Emergency, After Hours, & Weekends    (310) 434-4300

SMC maintains a Campus Police Department with personnel available 24 hours a day to help keep SMC’s campuses safe and secure.

To report an emergency or criminal activities on or near the campus, dial 4300 or 911 on the emergency telephones located throughout the campus and parking structures, press the “Campus Police” button on any on-campus pay telephone, or call (310) 434-4300 from a cellphone or off-campus telephone.

The Campus Police Department patrols each of the SMC campuses and provides students and staff with a number of services, including:

   •   Preparing and investigating crime and incident reports;

   •   Operating the campus “lost and found” service; and

   •   Providing student and staff escort services.

Please call or visit the SMCPD office for general information and NONemergency police services. Office hours are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (subject to change without notice).

Career Services Center
Library Village 161    (310) 434-4337

The Career Services Center provides SMC students with a single, conveniently located source for career exploration, internships, and assistance in finding on- and off-campus jobs.

To help students plan their careers, we offer a special eight-week class (Counseling 12, Career Planning) that provides an opportunity for students to explore their interests, identify and clarify their core values, and evaluate their skills. To help students learn how to be successful at work, we offer an eight-week class (Counseling 16, Job Success Skills) that teaches the skills necessary for new employees to survive the initial months on the job, adapt to the company culture, and succeed in remaining employed.

The Career Services Center also operates SMC’s Internship Program (see Internship Program, below, for details), which helps students find opportunities for internships and cooperative work experience in jobs related to their field of study. To find out about participating in SMC’s Internship Program, please stop by or call the Career Services Center, or visit the Internship Program’s website

The Career Services Center offers:

   •    Access to, an online career-exploration programs;

   •   Workshops on career exploration, resume writing, interview techniques, how to get the most out of a job, and other pre- and post-employment issues;

   •   An extensive Career Resource Library that includes information on job descriptions, salaries, recommended preparation, and preferred skills;

   •   Hundreds of job listings, available online at; and

   •   Job search assistance.

The Career Services Center also offers individual career counseling by appointment. For more information, passwords to our online programs, or appointments, please call or visit the Career Services Center, or see our website.

Center for Environmental & Urban Studies
1744 Pearl St., Santa Monica    (310) 434-3909

The Center for Environmental and Urban Studies (CEUS) was established to provide SMC students and faculty with a space to facilitate meaningful exploration of key environmental and urban issues and solutions. The facility is a living laboratory for sustainability, featuring many innovative green building materials and practices. The Center provides educational signage, ecotours, a resource library and information center, video library, demonstration garden, and a variety of other services and activities related to environmental and urban studies.

Students interested in obtaining environmental degrees, taking environmental courses, or building their transfer applications and resumes through applied learning opportunities are encouraged to visit the CEUS and learn more about sustainability at SMC. The CEUS also provides internships and Federal Work-Study student staff positions focused on environmental research and advocacy.

The CEUS sponsors the Environmental Issues Lecture Series presented each semester at Santa Monica College. The free lectures are open to the public and offer the opportunity to meet and engage in dialogue with experts in the field. The Center is also home to student environmental clubs and committees working on campus sustainability initiatives and research.

The CEUS is also headquarters for Sustainable Works, a nonprofit organization funded by the City of Santa Monica’s Sustainable City Program and Santa Monica College. Sustainable Works offers special programs that show individuals and businesses how they can adopt sustainable practices that improve quality of life, reduce impacts on the environment, and reduce costs.

For more information, please see our website, or call or visit our office at 1744 Pearl Street, Santa Monica.

Center for Students with Disabilities
Admissions/Student Services Complex 101    (310) 434-4265
Video phone (866) 957-1809      Fax (310) 434-4272
High Tech Training Center
   Admissions/Student Services Complex 103    (310) 434-4267
Learning Disabilities Program
   Math Complex 75 & 76    (310) 434-4684

Santa Monica College makes every effort to provide a campus that is fully accessible to students with disabilities, and offers a number of specialized programs through the Center for Students with Disabilities to help students with their academic, vocational, and career planning goals. The Center also has counselors available to answer questions, help solve problems, and authorize accommodation services such as specialized equipment. Students with disabilities are encouraged to meet with a counselor and become familiar with the services available to them.

The Learning Disabilities Program is staffed with learning specialists who provide educational assessment, study strategies training, appropriate accommodations, and other support for students with learning disabilities. The High Tech Training Center provides training in the use of adapted computer technology for word processing, Internet access, and other applications integral to academic success and compensatory strategies.

Various classes offered by staff of the Center for Students with Disabilities are listed in SMC’s Schedule of Classes. Listings under the heading “Counseling–Disabled Student Services” include classes on independent living skills, career planning, job search skills, adapted computer technology, social awareness, and learning and study skills. Listings under the heading “Counseling–Adult Education” include a class for students with developmental disabilities (Counseling 912, Developing Occupational Skills) and a class for students with acquired brain injuries (Counseling 910, ABI Connections).

The Center for Students with Disabilities also assists in determining appropriate academic adjustments for qualified students with disabilities. The procedure for requesting such an adjustment is outlined under the heading “Academic Adjustments for Students with Disabilities,” in the section following this catalog’s Table of Contents.

Child Care Services
Liberal Arts 219 (310) 434-8526

Santa Monica College offers several childcare options for students while they attend classes at SMC.

CalWORKs Child Care Services

CalWORKs students may be eligible to receive free or low-cost childcare while attending Santa Monica College. Students who qualify may select a licensed childcare center, family day care, or an “exempt” (blood relative) provider to care for their children while they attend SMC classes.

Associated Students Child Care Fund

Single parents who have financial need, a minimum 6-unit enrollment, a minimum 2.0 GPA, and a child under 10 years of age, AND who are NOT receiving subsidized childcare may qualify to receive up to $400 monthly toward their childcare expenses.

CCAMPIS Child Care Grant

Single parents who have proof of receiving a Pell Grant, are full-time students, have a minimum 2.0 GPA, and have a child under 10 years of age, AND who are NOT receiving subsidized childcare may qualify for child care reimbursement, based on the amount of the Pell award.

Santa Monica Preschool Collaborative

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District offers a variety of subsidized preschool programs for children of low-income SMC students, and full-fee preschool for SMC students who do not meet the low-income criteria.

Students who have a need for child care services while attending classes at SMC should call, e-mail, or stop by the office of the Child Care Services Director (Jenny Trickey). Detailed information about the services available can be found on the Child Care Services webpage.

Community Education

SMC Community Education
Bundy Campus, Room 112
3171 S. Bundy Dr., Los Angeles   (310) 434-3400

SMC Community Education meets the lifelong learning needs of the community by providing a choice of more than 450 classes each semester to individuals who wish to enhance their careers or explore their personal interests. Our fee-based professional certificate and continuing education programs and seminars are designed to promote career development, professional training, and certification. Our low-cost, not-for-credit Community Education courses respond to the interests of the community, enriching lives through hands-on workshops and lively classes in art, writing, dance, and many other areas, with special classes for children and teens. Classes on a wide range of topics are also offered online. For more information, please call the SMC Community Education office or visit our website.

Computer Labs and Services

Santa Monica College has many computer-based services and on-campus computer labs for students. On-campus wireless access to the Internet is available at various indoor and outdoor areas on SMC’s various campuses to all currently enrolled students with an SMC computer lab account and a correctly configured computing device.

Every SMC student receives a free college email account that offers a permanent email address (as long as Google is the service provider). IMPORTANT: THIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS WHERE SANTA MONICA COLLEGE WILL SEND ALL OFFICIAL COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE COLLEGE TO A STUDENT. To access communications from the College, a student can use any electronic device with Internet access. Students also have available various other Google services, including online storage space for documents. Students are strongly urged to read the Google Privacy Policy ( before using the service.

Students using any SMC computer services are expected to abide by SMC’s Responsible Computer Use Policy (see for details). On-campus computers may be restricted to College-related work at any time. All files MUST be saved to either student-selected online storage services or onto student-provided removable media such as USB flash drives. Any files not saved properly are subject to loss, and the College is NOT responsible for any work lost while using College computer labs or services.

The following computer labs are open to ALL CURRENTLY ENROLLED students:

   •   The SMC Library Computer Commons (downstairs, near the Reference Desk, 1st Floor North)—Computers and wired and wireless network connections are available to access a variety of information resources, (434-4254);

   •   The Bundy Learning Resource Center (LRC)—Bundy Campus, 3171 S. Bundy Dr., Room 116 (434-3440); and

   •   The Academy of Entertainment & Technology (AET) Student Services Area—AET Campus, 1660 Stewart St., Room 128.

      An additional computer lab is open to currently enrolled students WITH VALID ASSOCIATED STUDENTS MEMBERSHIP:

   •   The Cayton Associated Students Computer Lab—Cayton Center 209 (above the cafeteria) (434-4615).

The following computer labs, primarily for students enrolled in specific classes, make their equipment and software available to all enrolled SMC students, but ONLY at times when the labs are not in use for instruction or tutoring purposes (check with the lab for available hours):

   •   The Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) Lab—Business 231 (434-4783); and

   •   The Library Computer Lab—SMC Library (2nd Floor North (434-4254).

SMC has more than 700 computers in specialized computer labs restricted to special programs or to students enrolled in specific classes. Special programs include those offered by SMC’s Center for Students with Disabilities, Emeritus College program for older adults, and various counseling centers. Specialized labs are available to students enrolled in specific courses in many academic disciplines, including art, computer science, graphic design, English and other languages, entertainment technology, fashion design, life sciences, math, music, photography, and physical sciences.

Continuing Education
SMC Community Education
Bundy Campus, Room 112
3171 S. Bundy Dr., Los Angeles   (310) 434-3400

SMC Community Education offers fee-based continuing education programs, professional certificate programs, and seminars designed to promote career development and professional training and certification. Many of these programs and seminars are offered online. For more information, please call the SMC Community Education office or visit our website.

Corsair Newspaper
Letters & Science 172    (310) 434-4340

The Corsair, Santa Monica College’s student-run newspaper, is published every Wednesday during the Fall and Spring semesters. The newspaper and its online edition have won numerous awards statewide for writing, photography, page design, graphics, and online content.

The Corsair welcomes all students to help create the newspaper, which is a lifeline of news and entertainment for the entire College community. Each week, students choose what news and issues to cover. Experience on the Corsair can lead to internships with major media companies.

Students who enroll in Journalism 16 become the staff that produces the print edition of the Corsair. Students in Journalism 19 produce the online edition. Students in Journalism 22/Photo 14 become the photo staff of the paper. Students should note that it is recommended, but not required, that writers and editors first take Journalism 1 or Journalism 8, and that photographers take Photo 1 and Journalism 21/Photo 13 to prepare for the newspaper production classes.

Students whose schedules do not permit taking the staff classes can become Corsair “contributors.” They will take on assignments or create their own in collaboration with Corsair editors, and will receive bylines and photo credits, but will not receive any units of credit for their efforts.

The instructors who teach the Corsair classes are media professionals: Prof. Saul Rubin is a published author and former newspaper reporter and columnist, and Prof. Gerard Burkhart is a working photojournalist.

Students interested in working on the Corsair may contact any of the above professors or come into the Corsair office to meet the editors and learn more about the Corsair.

Counseling Services
Counseling Complex    (310) 434-4210

Comprehensive academic and vocational counseling services are available to all Santa Monica College students in the Counseling Center (career counseling services are available in the Career Services Center). Highly trained and experienced counselors are available to assist students with a variety of issues related to student success. Students are encouraged to visit the Counseling Center at least once each semester to discuss their educational goals. Counselors are able to provide students with professional guidance in the following areas:

   •   Reviewing student assessment test results and other information to determine appropriate course options;

   •   Exploring academic and personal goals, and identifying possible educational options;

   •   Developing short-term and long-term plans;

   •   Explaining the various certificate programs and Associate degrees available at SMC, and offering assistance in researching alternative college options if the student’s desired program is not offered at SMC;

   •   Assisting with identification of transfer options and course requirements for University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), independent, and out-of-state institutions; and

   •   Providing referral information to other student support service programs on campus, as well as to other off-campus resources.

In addition to one-on-one counseling sessions, the Counseling Center also provides counseling services online (go to for students enrolled in on-campus courses (students enrolled in online courses should consult the information available at

During the academic year, the Counseling Center holds a number of workshops that deal with such topics as study skills, time management, and the transfer process. The Counseling Center also offers a variety of courses providing a more in-depth study of the topics listed above. Students will find these courses listed under the “Counseling” heading in the Schedule of Classes.

The Counseling Center is located on the southeast corner of SMC’s main campus. Drop-in counseling services for quick issues requiring a short consultation (five minute or less) are available in the Counseling Center lobby, and students may make appointments for more extensive counseling services. For Counseling Center hours and other information, visit the Counseling website or call or drop by the Counseling Center.

Distance Education
Media Center    (310) 434-3761

Santa Monica College is committed to providing educational programs and services to students who are at sites distant from the SMC campus and to students who need to choose alternatives to the fixed schedule, place, program, and structure of traditional classroom-based education.

The Santa Monica College Office of Distance Education offers classes for transfer, certificates, and skill building through a virtual campus at Enrollment, registration, payment, academic counseling, books, and library resources are also available to students through the website.

For course offerings, technology requirements, admission and registration procedures, student services, and other information—as well as a free demo course—please visit the SMC Online website.

Emeritus College
1227 Second St., Santa Monica    (310) 434-4306

Emeritus College is a unique concept in continuing education at Santa Monica College for adults age 55 and up. Established in 1975, the model program’s curriculum includes courses designed to serve the interests and needs of adults who are now in or preparing for retirement, those dedicated to lifelong learning, and those seeking continued personal growth through creative use of their time. Emeritus College classes are offered primarily during the day at our site near the popular Third Street Promenade, and throughout the community—including Malibu—in easily accessible locations. There are no fees for the noncredit courses. Registration and enrollment are by mail, walk-in, or Internet. Registration forms are included in the Emeritus Schedule of Classes and may also be downloaded from the Emeritus website. Emeritus College also operates an art gallery and hosts opening receptions for its exhibitions of works by Emeritus College students and members of the community. For more information, please call the Emeritus College office or visit our website.

English as a Second Language (ESL)
Corner of 16th St. & Pearl St., Santa Monica    (310) 434-4260
Fax (310) 434-2387

Santa Monica College offers four programs for English-language learners:

   1.   A credit program offering classes in the ESL Department designed to prepare students for the reading, writing, listening, speaking, and study skills needed for college success and career enhancement;

   2.   An intensive English program designed for students who do not meet the TOEFL requirement to enroll in regular college classes;

   3.   A noncredit community and continuing education program that offers free ESL classes for adults in the community; and

   4.   A fee-based ESL program offering workshops, courses, occupational training, and English for special purpose courses at business and industry sites.

Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) & Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)
Admissions/Student Services
Complex 104G-P    (310) 434-4268

Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) and Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) offer special support services to help students move forward successfully toward their personal, educational, and career goals. EOPS is a comprehensive support system of services extended to eligible students. Services students can obtain include academic, career, and personal counseling; book accounts and free tutoring; priority enrollment; and classes in student success.

This state-funded program is specifically designed for students who have historically experienced economic and educational disadvantages, and who desire to pursue their educational goals on a full-time basis. Eligibility for EOPS is based on economic guidelines provided by the State of California.

EOPS offers additional assistance to single parents through the CARE program, which offers support services for child care and transportation to single parents who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF/formerly AFDC) and are the head of a household with a child under age 14 while they attend classes and training programs.

Applications for EOPS and CARE can be obtained in the EOPS/CARE office. For more information, call or drop by the EOPS/CARE office (located next to the Financial Aid Office), or visit the EOPS website.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid:
Admissions/Student Services Complex 104    (310) 434-4343

1738 Pearl St., Santa Monica    (310) 434-4290

Santa Monica College provides a variety of resources at two campus locations to assist and encourage students who need financial assistance. Federal and State grants, work-study, loans, and fee waivers are available through SMC’s Financial Aid Office. Scholarships—many with no requirements for financial need—are offered for a wide range of achievements and activities through SMC’s Scholarship Office. Together, Financial Aid and Scholarships annually provide over $40 million of assistance to SMC students!

Students can apply for federal financial aid and Board of Governors (BOG) Enrollment Fee Waivers directly through the SMC Financial Aid website ( At this website, students can find links to federal and state agencies. Students can also find answers to their questions in the SMC Student Financial Aid Handbook. For specific questions, students can drop by the Financial Aid Office.

Information about scholarships to aid to students continuing at SMC or transferring from SMC to a four-year college or university is available at the Scholarship Office. The Scholarship Office distributes more than $450,000 in scholarship funds each year from the Santa Monica College Foundation (an endowment fund that provides proceeds for about 500 different scholarships), service clubs and local organizations, private individuals, and other organizations, foundations, and corporations. For more information, drop by the Scholarship Office or visit our website.

Food Services

Santa Monica College’s food services are located on the ground floor of the Student Center. The food services area includes a food court, where a selection of meals, snacks, and beverages may be purchased at reasonable prices. Service is provided indoors, and seating is available inside and on outdoor patio areas. Vending machines can also be found at various locations on the campus.

Health Insurance

The Health Services fee SMC students pay at the time they enroll is NOT health insurance. The fee covers a number of services (see Health Services Center, below, for details). Any expenses a student incurs for medical services outside the scope of those covered by the Health Services fee, however, are the sole responsibility of the student and not the Santa Monica Community College District.

Students can find written information about optional health and dental insurance programs in an informative packet available at the front desk in the Health Services Center or on the Health Services webpage

International students should consult the International Education Center for information on health insurance, which they are required to have while attending SMC.

Health Services Center
Adjacent to Cafeteria    (310) 434-4262

SMC’s Health Services Center provides health services to currently enrolled Santa Monica College students, with referrals as needed. The focus of the Health Services Center is on health promotion, prevention of illness, treatment of acute illness, and health education.

The Health Services staff provides the following to all currently enrolled students who have paid the Health Services fee:

   •   Assessment and intervention by a Registered Nurse (RN) for short-term illness, health screening, and referrals to the available physician and/or other appropriate community agencies when necessary;

   •   First aid;

   •   Physician assessment and intervention;

   •   HIV testing;

   •   GYN screening and treatment;

   •   Blood pressure measurement;

   •   Tuberculin Mantoux skin test;

   •   Over-the-counter medications;

   •   Selected immunizations at cost; and

   •   Pamphlets and other educational information.

The Communicable Disease Center and the American College Health Association recommend the following immunizations for college students: rubella (German measles), rubeola (measles), and tetanus. These immunizations—often required for students transferring to other institutions—are available in our office.

All campus accidents must be reported immediately to the Health Services Center.

For hours and other information, please call the Health Services Center or visit our website.

International Education Center
Next to Liberal Arts/Counseling Complex    (310) 434-4217
Fax (310) 434-3651

SMC’s International Education Center provides a wide range of services to about 2,700 students who come from more than 100 nations around the world to attend Santa Monica College. Services include:

   •   Assistance with nonimmigration F-1 student visas;

   •   Academic counseling and orientation;

   •   Assistance in applying to, enrolling in, and selecting appropriate courses at Santa Monica College;

   •   Preparation for transfer from Santa Monica College to a four-year college or university; and

   •   Social events on the SMC campus.

The International Education Center includes International Admissions; the Office of the Dean, International Education; International Programs; and the International Education Counseling Center.

International Admissions is responsible for processing all international student applications, registration, and nonimmigration matters.

The Office of the Dean, International Education, oversees international programs and the recruitment, admission, counseling, and retention of international students.

International Programs oversees special international programs, the Intensive English Program, Study Abroad Programs, and Special Programs.

International Education Counseling Center

The International Education Counseling Center (located at 1734 Pearl Street; 434-4218) offers academic advising and counseling for new and continuing international students. This office also assists international students with housing information, including an up-to-date bulletin of housing options. Counselors are available to assist students with their SMC requirements, academic issues, and information on transferring to other colleges or universities. Students can seek assistance from a counselor throughout the year on a walk-in basis. At selected times of the academic year, students may also make an appointment to meet with a counselor.

Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program provides 20 hours per week of not-for-credit content-based English instruction in reading, writing, and speaking at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. The Intensive English Program is designed to prepare students to enter the undergraduate program by improving their English proficiency through extensive reading. The program’s writing, listening, and speaking classes include relevant learning activities based on extensive reading.

For more information about the International Education Center or any of its programs—including the Intensive English Program—please see our website or call or drop by the International Education Center.

Internship Program
Library Village 161    (310) 434-4337

The Internship Program at Santa Monica College makes it possible for students to enhance their classroom learning by working in on- and off-campus internships/jobs, and earn college credit for their work experience. The program is a joint effort of SMC and the community to give students the chance to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to progress in their careers by combining work-based learning and experience with classroom instruction. To qualify, a student must be considered “continuing” from the previous semester. A continuing student is one who completed at least six units the previous Spring or Fall semester.

Internship-related courses are offered on a pass/no pass basis. SMC students may enroll in internship courses for a maximum of 4 (four) units per semester. Up to 8 (eight) units of internship credit may be applied as elective credit toward a certificate or an Associate degree. Students earn credit based on the number of hours of work experience. Each unit of credit requires a student to work a minimum of 60 hours of unpaid (volunteer) work per semester or 75 hours of paid work throughout the semester.

For further information, drop by or call the Internship Program office, or visit the Internship Program website.

Latino Center
Counseling Complex    (310) 434-4459

The Latino Center promotes student success by providing a support network of comprehensive bilingual services, including:

   •   Academic, career, and personal counseling;

   •   Educational planning;

   •   Free tutoring in math and English;

   •   Financial aid and scholarship information; and

   •   Transfer planning.

The Latino Center offers the Adelante Program, an academic support program that assists students in meeting their transfer goals and promotes student success. See Adelante Program, above, for details.

All students are encouraged to visit the Latino Center and explore what it has to offer. To find out more, please drop by or call the Latino Center, or visit our website.

Information    (310) 434-4334
Reference Service    (310) 434-4254

With more than 95,000 volumes and access to over 18,000 full-text periodicals, SMC’s library is home to one of the largest collections of materials in the California Community College system. The library offers a comfortable, studious atmosphere, with highly trained professional librarians available to assist—in person or by email—with research and study needs.

SMC’s library provides more than 200 computers for student use to access a variety of information resources, including the library online catalog, full-text article databases, and Internet resources. These resources are also available to SMC students and staff from off-campus locations through the library’s webpage, using any computer with Internet access.

The library also offers several courses specifically designed to introduce students to the research process and the types of information resources available in print and online. These courses are strongly recommended for every SMC student, and are especially important for students planning to transfer to a four-year college or to a university. For descriptions of these courses, please see the “Library Studies” listings in the Schedule of Classes.

The library extends borrowing privileges to Santa Monica College’s students, faculty, and staff, as well as residents of the Santa Monica Community College District. Local residents may apply for a Community Patron Card ($20 per year). SMC volunteers and high school students—as well as instructors at area schools and universities—may apply for a free Courtesy Card.

For library hours and other information, please visit our webpage.

Mentor Program in the Arts

The Mentor Program in the Arts is a special program that gives exceptionally talented students in the performing and applied arts an opportunity to further develop and refine their abilities. Mentor programs exist in art and music. The selection process is unique for each area. In some departments, a candidate’s portfolio is reviewed by a faculty committee. Other departments require an audition. A student who wishes to be a part of the Mentor Program in the Arts must demonstrate exceptional abilities and commitment. The program of study is tailored to the goals of the individual student and will often culminate in an event such as a one-person show of the student’s work or a public performance.

Music Performance Groups
Music Complex 118B    (310) 434-4323

SMC’s music performance groups participate in a variety of events, including many concerts on campus, campus musicals and theatre productions, and many community events. Students may earn credit for their participation in music performance classes, including the Concert Chorale, Chamber Choir, Jazz Vocal Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, and Musical Theatre. An Applied Music Program is also offered, with qualifications determined by audition. For information, please call the Music Department or visit our website.

Online Classes
Media Center    (310) 434-3760

Santa Monica College is committed to providing educational programs and services to students who are at sites distant from the SMC campus and to students who need to choose alternatives to the fixed schedule, place, program, and structure of traditional classroom-based education. For details about SMC’s online classes, please see Distance Education (above) or visit the SMC Online website.

Photography Gallery
Drescher Hall, 2nd Floor    (310) 434-4289

The SMC Photography Gallery is nationally recognized as a significant venue for photographic art. As part of the Westside’s flourishing art movement, the gallery enjoys active support from the community. Each exhibit has an opening reception where artists, photographers, students, and members of the community can gather to enjoy and discuss images that have made an impact on the world of photography. For information on gallery hours, exhibits, and opening receptions, please call the gallery or browse the SMC Events webpage and click on the “Photo Gallery” link.

Pico Promise Transfer Academy
Counseling Complex    (310) 434-4926

Pico Promise Transfer Academy (PPTA) is a joint effort of Santa Monica College and the City of Santa Monica. The program meets the needs of the underserved, under-represented youth who live in close proximity to the College. PPTA motivates and assists young adults to attend SMC and work toward their career and educational goals. Students may earn an Associate degree and transfer to a four-year college or university. Each student works one-on-one with a counselor. The program provides students with assistance in:

   •   Enrolling at SMC and registering for classes;

   •   Setting academic, career, and personal goals; and

   •   Gaining financial aid for college expenses.

Each student is also provided with additional opportunities, such as:

   •   Using a computer lab with Internet access,

   •   Having supplemental instruction in English and math, and   

   •   Touring four-year colleges and universities in California at no expense.

Students are eligible to participate in PPTA if they are 17 to 24 years of age, are a former student at a high school in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, and have a strong desire to refocus their lives with a positive outlook on their future. Program participants are encouraged to serve as role models for other young adults, inviting them to consider the opportunities and benefits that a college education can offer. Applications for the program are available in our office. To apply, visit the PPTA desk in the Counseling Complex.

Drescher Hall, 2nd Floor
Advance Ticket Sales    (310) 434-3000

Thanks to a $530,000 gift from philanthropist John Drescher, SMC’s John Drescher Planetarium features a computer-driven optical projection system coupled with an audiovisual system, which provides the planetarium with capabilities for multimedia presentations. The planetarium is used by SMC astronomy and science classes, local schools, community groups, and the general public.

On Friday evenings during the academic year, the planetarium presents two highly popular astronomy shows. “The Night Sky Show” at 7 p.m. is an interactive general interest, 50-minute introduction to the wonders and sights of the night sky. The show is updated weekly to reflect the ever-changing sky and the latest news in space exploration and astronomy, and questions from guests about their favorite constellations or other cosmic phenomena are welcomed. The Feature Show at 8 p.m. concentrates in more detail on a specific topic such as the exploration of Mars or the quest for life beyond Earth, provides telescope viewing opportunities at various times of year, and brings guest experts to speak at the SMC campus.

For show dates and topics, ticket prices, or other information—or to arrange a special group presentation—please visit the planetarium’s webpage or see Planetarium shows and lectures sell out quickly. Advance tickets may be purchased by phone at (310) 434-3000, or in person at the SMC Theatre Arts Box Office (SMC Main Campus).

Psychological Services
Liberal Arts 110    (310) 434-4503

SMC’s Psychological Services offers short-term personal counseling to currently enrolled students. Personal concerns sometimes interfere with study and concentration. These concerns may be feelings of anxiety, depression, or lack of self-confidence; interpersonal problems with family or friends; life stresses such as leaving home, death of a loved one, mid-life transitions; or other problems such as alcohol or drug use, eating habits, sexual issues, etc.

Licensed psychologists and interns/trainees help students resolve these problems or help them find appropriate resources in the community.

Topic-oriented workshops (e.g., Test Anxiety, Stress Management) are also offered to students.

For an appointment to seek individual psychological services, or to find out about upcoming workshops, please call the Psychological Services office.

Scholars Program
24-hour recorded information    (310) 434-4959
Library Village 117    (310) 434-4371

The Scholars Program at Santa Monica College is an enriched, highly demanding honors program that prepares students with outstanding scholastic achievements for transfer to a four-year college or university. Students who successfully complete the Scholars Program are guaranteed priority consideration for admission as a junior to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), UC Irvine, Loyola Marymount University, Mills College, Occidental College, and Chapman College. In addition, Scholars receive priority SMC registration, special counseling, study skills workshops, assistance with exploring majors and careers, special invitations to a variety of programs at SMC and the colleges and universities participating in the Scholars Program, and other benefits. Students entering SMC with a B (3.0) or higher GPA may be eligible for the Scholars Program and should contact the Scholars Program Office for information. To earn the transfer priority, a student in the Scholars Program must meet requirements that include: (1) maintaining a 3.0 or higher GPA, (2) completing required Scholars classes, and (3) completing general education and pre-major course requirements. For more information, please contact the Scholars Office or visit our website.

SMC Outreach Program   (310) 434-4189
1724 Pearl St.    Fax (310) 434-3634

The SMC Outreach Program—a project of SMC’s Office of Outreach and Recruitment—partners SMC counselors with local area schools, community agencies, and out-of-state students. The program works to motivate high school students to stay in school, de-velop goals for the future, and explore the idea of going to college.

The Outreach Program sends SMC counselors to visit schools in the Los Angeles area on a regular basis to get to know the stu-dents and show them how a college education can make a critical difference in their life. The counselors familiarize students with SMC’s programs and admissions and enrollment procedures, help smooth their transition from high school to college, and let them know they will have a familiar person they can turn to when they reach the SMC campus.

The SMC Outreach Program conducts application workshops for seniors at their high schools in the spring to expedite the admission and enrollment processes, and sends SMC counselors to college fairs, career days, and other special events each year. These services are also available to out-of-state students through cyber-counseling, national college fairs, and personalized counseling appointments in their local area each semester.

The SMC Outreach Program also offers group tours of the SMC campus, information sessions, and individual counseling appointments during the week. Please call (310) 434-4189 to make arrangements.

For more information, go to and click on the “New Students” link, or call or drop by SMC’s Office of Outreach and Recruitment.

SMC Student Email

Santa Monica College uses Google Gmail to communicate with students and to provide each SMC student with an email account that offers a lifetime email address (as long as Google is the service provider). Gmail accounts are very user friendly, can be reached from any computer or mobile device with Internet access, include 8GB of online storage, and give students access to Google Docs and Calendar. Before you set up and start to use your Gmail account, BE SURE TO READ THE GOOGLE PRIVACY POLICY (see the link at To set up your Gmail account, go to and log into Corsair Connect, then look for the SMC@Email icon in the upper left of the page and follow the instructions. Once your Gmail account is set up, be sure to check it frequently, as this will be where Santa Monica College will send all official communications from the College to you.

SMC Student ID Card

The SMC student ID card provides SMC students with a photo ID and enhanced access features. The card:

   •   Provides a convenient way to speed up checking out books and materials from the Library and the campus tutoring labs and learning resource centers;

•   When combined with a current AS membership sticker and swipe-activated, provides FREE access to Big Blue Bus “Any Line, Any Time” service; and

•   When combined with a current AS membership sticker, provides access to many other services at SMC, including the Cayton Associated Students Computer Lab (go to and click on the “A.S. Benefits” link for current details).

For further information, please stop by the Bursar’s Office, located next to the Counseling Complex.

Student Clubs & Inter-Club Council (ICC)
Cayton Center 202    (310) 434-4250
Fax (310) 434-4263

Student Clubs

One of the best ways to get involved in campus life is to join one of SMC’s more than 60 student clubs. The clubs reflect the wide range of interests SMC students have in areas such as academic achievement, science, sports, creative arts, business and industry, social awareness, and service. Club activities—which include field trips, business meetings, concerts, guest lectures, and social events—enhance the educational and social experiences students have on campus and in the community. To find out about student clubs, see the Student Clubs website or visit the Student Life Office.

California law forbids secret fraternities and sororities in public community colleges. All clubs at SMC—with the exception of the honor scholarship societies, which require specific qualifications (see Honors & Awards, at the end of this section of the catalog, for details)—are open to all students.

Inter-Club Council (ICC)

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) promotes SMC’s student clubs to attract and increase student participation in them, encourage the development of student leadership and service, and foster interaction among the clubs. The ICC sponsors Club Row, an annual spring festival that brings all of SMC’s student clubs together to showcase their variety and give students the chance to find out first-hand what activities the clubs offer.

Student Employment Program
Admissions/Student Services Complex 104
(Financial Aid Office)    (310) 434-4343

The Student Employment Program—offered through the Financial Aid Office and processed through the Financial Aid Office—assists SMC students seeking part-time jobs at Santa Monica College, and offers students information on the skills and characteristics of a successful employee. On-campus jobs are available in many departments and programs on SMC’s Main and satellite campuses.

Students may be employed at SMC under two special budget programs: Student Help (SH) and Federal Work-Study (FWS). SH pays students to work on campus through department and program budgets. FWS is a Financial Aid award that pays a student wages for employment. The award is funded through the Federal Work-Study Program, a Federal financial aid program that requires that the student apply for Federal financial aid, meet specific eligibility requirements, and be awarded FWS funds by the Financial Aid Office.

To be employed as a student worker at Santa Monica College, a student must have a valid Social Security (SS) Card with the correct spelling of the student’s name. F-1 students will be given a form letter to request an SS card from the Social Security Office.

For more information, please visit the Student Employment website or stop by the Career Services Center. [For additional student employment options, please see the Career Services Center listing elsewhere in this section.]

Student/Staff Escort Service

1718 Pearl St. (Campus Police)    (310) 434-4300

Santa Monica College provides on-campus escort services for the safety of students and staff who may not feel comfortable walking alone on the campus during evening hours. Escort services are available Monday through Thursday from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., and may be requested by calling Campus Police. Campus escorts are SMC students who have been trained in safety procedures. Escorts are easily recognized by their blue-and-yellow mesh vests with “SMC POLICE AIDE-ESCORT” stenciled on them.

Student Support Services
Counseling Annex 101   (310) 434-4347

The Student Support Services (SSS) program is funded by the US Department of Education to help low-income students successfully pursue a college education, earn an Associate degree, and transfer to a four-year college or university.

The program offers students a variety of services to support them in a number of ways as they make their way through college. Services include:

   •   Priority registration for SMC classes and help with the registration process;

   •   Help in finding and applying for financial assistance to cover the costs of a college education;

   •   Transfer counseling and checklists that spell out the requirements for transfer;

   •   Custom-tailored educational plans that suit students’ timeframes for completing their studies and lead to graduation and transfer from SMC;

   •   Supplemental instruction;

   •   Computer lab (word processor, printing, Internet);

   •   Workshops, seminars, and guest lectures;

   •   Personal counseling; and

   •   Tours of selected colleges and universities.

To be eligible for the SSS program, a student must be a US citizen or permanent resident and meet US Department of Education guidelines, which include at least one of the following requirements:

   •   Placement in English 21A/B or Math 18/20/31,

   •   Low income,

   •   First-generation college student, and/or

   •   Student with a disability.

To apply for the program, stop by the SSS office, fill out the application, and schedule an appointment to meet with the SSS counselor.

To find out more about the SSS program—or to check on the status of your application—please call or visit the SSS office.

Study Abroad Programs
International Education Center
(next to Counseling Complex)    (310) 434-4342

Santa Monica College is committed to promoting global citizenship. To support that goal, SMC’s International Education Center offers several Study Abroad opportunities led by SMC faculty members, tailored to make the most of the destination’s resources and give students the opportunity to live in and learn about a different culture and its people while participating in service learning projects and earning academic credit for selected courses. Students who successfully complete a minimum of three academic units while attending a Study Abroad program will fulfill SMC’s Global Citizenship graduation requirement for the Associate degree. Please call the International Education Center or or see our website for details.

The Edye Second Space (The Edye)
Information & Tickets    (310) 434-3200
1310 11th St., Santa Monica

The Edye Second Space is a small “black box” performance and rehearsal facility that opened in Fall 2007. The Edye is an ideal setting for intimate concerts and small productions offering audiences the experience of being up-close and personal with performance art. Many of the events held here are free, but ALL require advance reservations. Please see the website or call the Information number for events listings and other details.

The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage (The Broad Stage)
Information & Tickets    (310) 434-3200
1310 11th St., Santa Monica

The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage—a 499-seat, full-featured performance hall at the SMC Performing Arts Center—opened in Fall 2008 to host a variety of top-rated music, dance, and other events, including fully staged commercial productions. The Broad Stage is a top entertainment destination for audiences throughout the region. Please see the website for the latest details on upcoming performances and ticket information.

Theatre Arts Productions
Theatre Arts Complex    (310) 434-4319

Students at Santa Monica College may participate in full-scale productions offered to the community and receive training in all aspects of theater productions, from intense classes specifically for the training of the actor (including acting classes in Modern Realism and various historical styles, vocal production for the stage, and stage movement) to training in the technical aspects of theater production (including stagecraft, costuming, make-up, sound, and lighting). Students also have the opportunity to audition for public performances and present public workshops in Musical Theatre, Historical Acting Styles, and Directing.

The College’s facilities for educational theater have a new home—complete with two theaters—on SMC’s main campus. With all its amenities, the new Theatre Arts Complex is an ideal place to teach the art of theater and to perform stage productions for the community.

Advance tickets for stage productions at SMC may be purchased online (, by phone at (310) 434-4319, or through orders left in the dropbox at the Theatre Arts Department office, located in Room 117 of the Theatre Arts Complex (SMC Main Campus).

Transfer/Counseling Center
Counseling Complex    (310) 434-4210

Santa Monica College is a state leader in transferring students to four-year institutions, including all campuses within the UC and CSU systems, independent or private colleges in California, and out-of-state institutions. As a result of our transfer record, many students choose to attend Santa Monica College to complete their first two years of a four-year college plan.

College transfer services seek to make students more aware of their transfer choices and to assist with the transfer process. The Transfer/Counseling Center staff facilitates this process by helping students:

   •   Understand transfer admission requirements;

   •   Select courses that will transfer and fulfill graduation requirements;

   •   Complete the application process for their transfer school(s) of choice;

   •   File for financial aid; and

   •   Stay informed on important dates and deadlines.

In addition, the academic counseling staff at SMC facilitates the successful transfer of students to four-year colleges and universities by:

   •   Providing information and counseling on transferring to colleges and universities;

   •   Coordinating visits by campus representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities, including regular visits from UCLA, CSUN, USC, LMU, and UC Berkeley;

   •   Providing workshops each semester on transfer planning, filing a UC/CSU application, and completing the financial aid process;

   •   Arranging tours of California colleges and universities;

   •   Resolving transfer admission problems;

   •   Identifying general education classes needed to transfer; and

   •   Helping students select classes that meet requirements for a particular major.

The Transfer/Counseling Center also provides counseling services online at for students enrolled in on-campus courses (students enrolled in online courses should consult for information).

Information about transfer-support services and activities is available in the Transfer/Counseling Center, can be found on the Counseling website, and is routinely published in SMC’s student newspaper, The Corsair.

Tutoring Services

Santa Monica College provides free tutoring services in selected subjects for all students through a number of on-campus tutoring centers. Specialized tutoring may also be arranged through the Center for Students with Disabilities (voice: 434-4265; video phone: 866-957-1809), EOPS/CARE (434-4268), TRIO Student Support Services (434-4347), the Scholars Program (434-4371), and the International Education Center (434-4217). For general tutoring information and the hours of the tutoring centers listed below, please visit the Tutoring Services webpage (

Writing and Humanities Tutoring Center
Drescher Hall 313   (310) 434-4682

      The Writing and Humanities Tutoring Center offers writing assistance for students in all courses, and subject tutoring to support students in liberal arts classes, including economics, history, logic, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology. Writing assistance is available on a drop-in basis. Students may also request tutoring appointments by calling or coming in person to the Writing and Humanities Tutoring Center.

Math Lab
Math Complex 84   (310) 434-4735

      The Math Lab provides tutoring and other services to support students in all math classes offered at Santa Monica College. Tutoring is provided on a drop-in basis, as well as by appointment. Students may schedule tutoring appointments by coming in person to the Math Lab.

Modern Language Tutoring Center
Drescher Hall 219   (310) 434-4683

      The Modern Language Tutoring Center provides tutoring for all languages taught at Santa Monica College. No appointments are necessary. The tutoring schedule is posted in the Modern Languages Tutoring Center and online.

Science Tutoring Center
Science 245   (310) 434-4630

      The Science Tutoring Center offers tutoring to support students in all science classes taught at Santa Monica College. Tutoring is provided on a drop-in basis (tutoring schedule is posted in the Science Tutoring Center and online), as well as by appointment. Tutoring appointments may be scheduled by calling or coming in person to the Science Tutoring Center.

ESL Tutoring Center
ESL 106 (at Pearl and 16th)   (310) 434-4260

      The ESL Tutoring Center, located in the ESL Building (corner of Pearl and 16th), provides tutoring assistance to English-language learners at SMC. One-on-one tutoring by instructional assistants with a solid grounding in TESL is provided in half-hour sessions. ESL tutoring sessions are available by making an appointment online at the ESL Department’s homepage or by going directly to Students may schedule up to two tutoring appointments each week by coming in person to the ESL Office window (ESL 106), or students in evening classes may set up an appointment by calling the ESL Office at (310) 434-4260 between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Reading Lab
Drescher Hall 312

      The Reading Lab provides tutoring and other services for students enrolled in Reading and Vocabulary classes (English 23, English 48, English 80, English 83A/B, and English 84R). For information, please consult with your instructor or visit the Reading Lab’s webpage.

English 81 Lab
Drescher Hall 308

      The English 81 Lab provides services specifically for students enrolled in SMC’s English 81 classes. For information, please see the listings in the Schedule of Classes under the heading “English Skills—Group C,” or consult with your instructor.

Veterans Resource Center
Liberal Arts 135    (310) 434-8205

SMC’s Veterans’ Resource Center provides assistance in matters pertaining to a student’s transition from the military to college. The Veterans’ Resource Center offers a variety of support services to veterans of military service. The Center offers a place where students who are veterans can feel comfortable, decompress, and take a break from the campus hubbub. A free textbook-lending library, a study space, and a computer-tutoring room are available.

Through the Veterans’ Resource Center, veterans can find or make arrangements for academic, career, and transfer counseling, as well as financial aid, tutoring, and other services that aim to help students achieve their educational goals. VA paperwork for veterans’ dependents receiving benefits under Chapters 33 and 35 of the GI Bill is also processed through the Veterans’ Resource Center.

For more information, please visit the Veterans Resource Center website (, or drop by the Center.

Welcome Center
Cayton Center 110 (next to Cafeteria)   (310) 434-8101

The Welcome Center is a convenient “one-stop shop” where new students can find the information, services, and support they need to make a smooth transition to SMC. During enrollment periods, the Welcome Center has academic counselors and trained student ambassadors on hand to answer questions and assist new students with admission and enrollment processes. At the Welcome Center, new students can:

   •   Get help to resolve any admission or enrollment issues;

   •   Get information about financial aid and help with filling out financial aid applications;

   •   Take part in one-on-one and small-group counseling sessions;

   •   Seek personalized academic counseling and develop a customized educational plan; and

   •   Use computers to apply to SMC, enroll in classes, and/or complete their online orientation.

After enrollment ends, the Welcome Center continues to stay in touch with new students. Student ambassadors call new students during their first semester at SMC to find out how they are doing, whether they have any questions, and—if it seems necessary—to invite them to the Welcome Center for an individual counseling appointment.

For more information about the Welcome Center, please see our website, call us, or stop by for a visit.

Workforce & Economic Development (W&ED)
Bundy Campus, Room 112C
3171 S. Bundy Dr., Los Angeles
(310) 434-4040
Contact: Patricia Ramos

SMC’s Workforce and Economic Development Office offers a variety of services and training programs for area employers and residents. W&ED designs customized programs to help develop the skilled workforce that the region needs to increase its economic growth and compete successfully in today’s global market.

W&ED works with public agencies and private employers to identify regional workforce needs. Based on these needs, the W&ED experts design and implement short-term training programs that focus on meeting an employer’s needs for specific skills and skill levels. These programs provide pre-employment training in basic and job-specific skills for people preparing to enter or return to the workforce; post-employment training for partner businesses and industries to upgrade their employees’ skill levels to meet current and projected needs; and concurrent employment training to update and expand the professional and managerial skills of employees to help area employers expand their growth and maintain a competitive edge.

To support these programs and their participants—both workers and employers—the Workforce and Economic Development Office seeks out and works to acquire public and private funding and other resources to help employers and workers cover their training costs. The Office also provides career counseling and career-path planning to help current workers move ahead or into new areas of interest, and help new workers— including those receiving public assistance—develop skills that lead to economic self-sufficiency and help them advance to earn increased levels of income.

For additional information, please call our office or visit our website.

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