Petition For Readmission --

If this form is printed, please mail along with your official transcript to:
SMC, Transfer Counseling Center, 1900 Pico Blvd,
Santa Monica, CA 90405, attn: Readmission Committee.
Use extra paper if necessary in answering the questions below.

    Name: SMC ID
    Email: Phone:
  2. College Name:      Year Disqualified:
  3. What was your Educational Goal/Major at the time you were disqualified?
    Goal:        Major:
  4. Please explain the circumstances that led you to receive unsatisfactory
    grades and/or frequent withdrawals that led to your disqualification.

  5. Please explain how you will improve your chances for academic success.
    (Give Example)
  6. List any enriching experiences that you have had since you were last disqualified.   (Minimum of 25 words)
    Give example of full-time job, education at other schools, volunteer services, personal counseling, etc.

  7. How many hours will you be working, if any?     
  8. What classes do you want to enroll in?
    1. 2.
    3. 4.