Materials & Links for Educators

Links for Children & Educators: -- for a PDF printable sky chart and list of sky events updatd each month
Griffith Observatory Online Sky Report -- What's visible in Southern California skies this week?
NASA Quest -- Support for Students and Teachers
Imagine Mars -- Design your own Mars mission, or Mars colony, or Mars opera on this NASA website.
The Universe in the Clasroom -- Astronomical Society of the Pacific's newsletter for teachers
Thursday's Classroom -- NASA lesson plans for science teachers
NASA Education Programs -- teachers resources and programs offered by NASA
JPL/ASA Education Gateway -- teachers resources, supplies, and programs offered by locally by JPL in Pasadena
NASA Sharp -- this program allows advanced high school students to spend a summer working on space missions at JPL
AstroAdventure -- NASA's Site for Young Astronauts
NPR's Science Friday for Kids -- NPR's Science Friday radio program has classroom activities, links, and discussion topics
The Astronomy Cafe -- well known astronomy question and answer site -- UK site with lots of kid-friendly links and links to biographical information about physicists
The ASP's Bruce Medal Winners -- biographical sketches of some of the 20th Century's most famous astronomers
Biographies of the Astronauts -- biographical sketches of all NASA's astronauts with lots of background information
JPL Staff Profiles -- meet the men and women at JPL who design interplanetary spacecraft to explore the solar system
Ask a Physicist -- the physics of how everyday things work
Science News for Kids -- an on-line children's version of the excellent weekly magazine, Science News
Ask a Lick Observatory Astronomer a Question -- just what it says
What's it like being an astronomer? -- NOAO FAQ on how one becomes an astronomer and what one does then
How to become an Astronomer and Careers in Astronomy -- American Astronomical Society career advice
NASA Brain Bites -- quicktime movies that answer kids common questions about living and working in space
How to Study for a Career in NASA or Become an Astronaut -- NASA's guide to jobs in the space program
How I became an Astronaut -- astronaut Cady Coleman's description of how she became an astronaut
The Sally Ride Science Club -- an online Science Club for girls hosted by America's first woman astronaut -- how you and your students can view satellites like the International Space Station
Hubble Heritage -- the best Hubble Space Telescope images of beautiful galaxies, nebulae, etc.

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Children's Books:

Astronomy for Every Kid, Constellations for Every Kid, and many other books by Janice Van Cleave
The Constellations: How They Came to Be by Roy Gallant - Four Winds Press
Do Your Ears Pop in Space? by R. Mike Mullane - Wiley
How Do You Go to the Bathroom in Space? by William R. Pogue - Tor Books
Life in Outer Space: The Search for Extraterrestrials by Kim McDonald - Raintree Steck-Vaughan
The Moon Seems to Change, The Sky is Full of Stars, and many other books by Franklyn Branley
The Mystery of Mars by Sally Ride & Tam O'Shaughnessy - Crown
Star Factories: The Birth of Stars and Planets by Ray Jayawardhana - Raintree Steck-Vaughan
The Stars by Zim, Baker, & Chartrand - Golden Books
There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars by Bob Crelin & illustrated by Amie Ziner - Sky Publishing - REVIEW

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Astronomy Education Resources and Supplies:

NASA Educators Resource Center (Pomona, CA) - videotapes, posters, etc. (much of it FREE) for your class
For information call 909-397-4420 or visit:

Astronomical Society of the Pacific
- books, posters, slides, software, et al. related to astronomy
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 962-3412 or visit:

The Universe in the Classroom - FREE on request for any educator. Write to:
Astronomical Society/Pacific, Teacher's Newsletter Dept., 390 Ashton Ave., San Francisco, CA 94112
available online at:

Edmund Scientific - everything under the Sun: science stuff, technology stuff, and just plain weird stuff
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 728-6999 or visit:

Finley-Holiday Films - space and natural history related DVDs, videotapes, and JPL slide sets
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 345-6707 or visit:

Orion Telescopes and Binoculars - inexpensive, but good, amateur telescopes, et al.
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 676-1343 or visit:

Project STAR, Hands-on Science Materials - paper-tube telescopes, diffraction grating material, books, etc.
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 537-8703 or visit:

Sky Publishing - publihers of Sky & Telescope magazine, they also distribute books, posters, videotapes, etc.
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 253-0245 or visit:

Astrographics - beautiful posters, prints, and slides of astronomical objects.
For a FREE catalog call: (888) 827-8768 or visit:

Spaceshots - beautiful posters, prints, and maps of astronomical objects and satellite photos of Earth.
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 272-2779 or visit:


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