Space Links

Basic Astronomy and Sky Observing

Astronomy Picture of the Day
-- a new beautiful astronomy or space-related photo each day with explanation
SKY Online -- weekly news, sky reports, telescope users' guides, and much more -- stupid astronomy mistakes in movies, media, etc.
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
StarDate Online
from University of Texas -- email newsletter with information and product reviews for the beginning amateur astronomer -- an Amateur Astronomers' online "Swap Meet"
Time Zones, Calendars, and the World Clock
-- find out what time it is anywhere in the world
Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazard -- the real risk of asteroid impact and what can be done about it
Comets and Meteors -- how and when to view comets and meteor showers
NASA Eclipse Home Page -- best site for info on future solar and lunar eclipses
Aurora Studies -- University of Alaska's site on the Aurora Borealis -- what it is and how to observe it
Eclipse Page form

Education Resources, The Question Box, and How to Become an Astronomer/Astronaut

Edmund Scientific - everything under the Sun: science stuff, technology stuff, and just plain weird stuff
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 728-6999 or visit:
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars - inexpensive, but good, amateur telescopes, et al.
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 676-1343 or visit:
Project STAR, Hands-on Science Materials - paper-tube telescopes, diffraction grating material, books, etc.
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 537-8703 or visit:
Sky Publishing - publihers of Sky & Telescope magazine, they also distribute books, posters, videotapes, etc.
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 253-0245 or visit:
Astrographics - beautiful posters, prints, and slides of astronomical objects.
For a FREE catalog call: (888) 827-8768 or visit:
Spaceshots - beautiful posters, prints, and maps of astronomical objects and satellite photos of Earth.
For a FREE catalog call: (800) 272-2779 or visit:

NASA Quest -- Support for Students and Teachers
The Universe in the Clasroom -- Astronomical Society of the Pacific's newsletter for teachers
Thursday's Classroom -- NASA lesson plans for science
AstroAdventure -- NASA's Site for Young Astronauts
The Astronomy Cafe
-- questions about modern astronomy with answers by a NASA scientist -- UK site with lots of good links, many concerning biographical information on physicists
The ASP's Bruce Medal Winners -- biographical sketches of some of the 20th Century's most famous astronomers
Biographies of the Astronauts -- biographical sketches of all NASA's astronauts with lots of background information
Ask a Physicist -- How everyday things work
Science News for Kids
-- An on-line children's version of the excellent weekly magazine, Science News
Ask a Lick Observatory Astronomer a Question -- just what it says
What's it like being an astronomer? -- NOAO FAQ on how one becomes an astronomer and what one does then
A Guide to Careers in Astronomy -- AAS guide on how to become an astronomer
NASA Brain Bites -- quicktime movies that answer kids common questions about living and working in space
How to Study for a Career in NASA or Become an Astronaut -- NASA's guide to jobs in the space program
How I became an Astronaut -- Astronaut Cady Coleman's description of how she became an astronaut
NASA Sharp -- this program allows advanced high school students to spend a summer working on space missions at JPL
Lesson Planet is a search engine for teachers that helps teachers and parents quickly find teacher-reviewed online resources including over 150,000 lesson plans and 75,000 worksheets.

Satellite Watching

Heavens-Above -- view satellites such as the International Space Station easily -- find your longitude and latitude


Griffith Observatory -- the world famous public observatory, planetarium, and science museum of Los Angeles
A Guide to the World's Largest Telescopes -- the world's largest telescopes plus new giant scopes under development
Mt. Wilson 150 foot Solar Tower -- see live images of the Sun each day
Mount Wilson Observatory
Mount Wilson Observatory Association
Palomar Observatory
-- home of the famous 200 inch Hale Telescope
Keck Observatory -- Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea
NOAO-National Optical Astronomical Observatory -- news from Kitt Peak, Cerro Tololo, & Gemini Observatories
Carnegie Institution Observatories -- Carnegie Observatories
European Southern Observatory -- European Southern Observatory
CELT-California Extremely Large Telescope -- the Thirty Meter Telescope Project
Hubble Heritage Site -- the best Hubble Space Telescope images
Chandra X-Ray Observatory -- Chandra X-Ray Space Observatory
Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer -- Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Space Observatory
Vatican Observatory -- the Pope's Astronomers

Hot Astro/Space News

Spaceflight Now -- daily news of space exploration
SpaceRef.Com -- daily press releases and news reports on astronomy and space exploration
Florida Today -- news from Kennedy Spaceport
JPL Space Calendar -- coming space/astronomy events
NASA Watch -- unofficial, insiders' space news
JPL news releases -- news from the Jet Propulsion Lab, home of many of our interplanetary probes

Space Missions and NASA Sites

Live Satellite Images from Space -- see a live satellite image our your city in the Western United States
JPL's Solar System Simulator
JPL's Robotic Space Missions
-- a guide to all of JPL's space missions: past, current, future, and proposed
NASA Spacelink -- space resources for educators
Cassini Home Page -- the mission to Saturn
Mars Exploration Rovers -- Spirit & Opportunity will land on Mars in January 2004
Mars Express -- European Space Agency's Mars Express Mission
2001 Mars Odyssey -- Odyssey Mission surveying Mars from space
Mars Global Surveyor -- MGS Mission surveying Mars from Space since 1997 -- news about current and future Mars exploration
NASA's Space Shuttle
NASA's International Space Station

Space Station Information
The X Prize -- the private space travel and tourism effort

Planets of Other Stars & Extraterrestrial Life

USC Planetary Search Project -- the latest news on planets of other stars
The Astrobiology Web

NASA Astrobiology Institute

Astronomical Software for Home Computers

Astronomical Free & Shareware Programs -- Sky & Telescope's links to downloadable software for your computer
Astronomy Software Guide from
Celestia -- downloadable desktop space simulator

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