Directions to Santa Monica College Campus (If you have parking permits):

Take the Santa Monica Freeway (#10) west past the San Diego Freeway (#405). Exit the freeway at the Cloverfield/26th St. offramp. Turn left (south) onto 26th St. at the signal at the end of the offramp. The second signal you come to is Pico Blvd.Turn right (west) onto Pico Blvd. The first signal after 20th St. is at the main entrance to the college campus. Turn left onto the campus at the main entrance. Stop at the guard kiosk to get your parking permit which will be held under your school's name. (Please note: This permit is NOT a guarantee that you will be able to find a parking space. SMC has no reserved parking. The permit is merely a hunting license to find a spot.)

Directions to SMC Shuttle Lot South (If you DO NOT have parking permits):

Take the Santa Monica Freeway (#10) west past the San Diego Freeway (#405). Exit at Bundy Drive South. Follow Bundy south, past Ocean Park Blvd. and the east end of the Santa Monica Airport. Turn right (west) onto Airport Ave. Follow Airport Ave. about a quarter of a mile and turn right into SMC Shuttle Lot South. Park there and take the SMC shuttle bus to the main campus. The shuttle bus will leave you off on Pearl St. along the south side of the SMC campus. Walk north, through the center of campus to the Technology Bldg. on Pico Blvd.

Directions for School Bus Drivers:

We do not have the space to park buses on the main campus. You will want to drop off your passengers at the "Shuttle Bus Stop" on Pearl Street on the South side of the college campus (Click HERE for Campus Map). After disembarking your group, you will have to go elsewhere until your group is ready to leave. Then you may return to pick them up at the Shuttle Bus Stop where you left them off. You may wish to stay, for that time period, at the SMC Shuttle Lot South at the Santa Monica Airport (see above for directions), where there is room to park a bus.

Where is the Planetarium on Campus?

The Drescher Planetarium is in room 223 on the 2nd floor of Drescher Hall (formerly known as the Technology Building), the four story tall, green, blue, and white building on Pico Blvd., between 17th and 18th Sts. Enter Drescher Hall from the south side (facing the interior of the college campus). The central staircase and elevator will take you right to the planetarium on the second floor.

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